The Dismissed Ulrich Masonic Rifle Engraving dedicated to their Lodge #79


Here is a perfect example of an Important rifle said to not be an Ulrich custom rifle. When it factually is more important than most signed Ulrich factory guns.

Figure 1c. shows Conrades rather large makers marks next to a Masonic Pig-pen cipher in the checkering! Where I place the black letters CU is also another cipher in the small checker grid(Seen small in size on a few Factory Winchester. Next month a full report will come out on this very important rifle that will show all four of the pigpen ciphers. Two of the grids or ciphers on this gun are the largest I have ever seen on any gun. let alone just a Custom Winchester said to be a fake Ulrich rifle. Oh yes, seen on many Winchesters that are documented to Ulrich’s and a collector selling his priceless Ulrich Winchester should “REALLY THINK ON THIS ONE”! I can show a half dozen Ulrich documented rifles sold with pig-pen ciphers that make the guns documents at top name auction houses. THE SELLERS LOST BIG MONEY BECAUSE THE EXPERTS DO NOT KNOW OR HOW TO IDENTIFY ONE!  So imagine the top Winchester identifcation experts over looked documented Ulrich Winchesters and Colts be sold and never knew special guns had these ciphers. The first auction house that acknowledges this in a sale, I will tip my hat tip them! Actually I have two to sell, so call if your interested.
Herman Ulrichs “HU” makers mark is found also in the center of the large scroll and we see a Large “JU” with the “JU” manipulated in the design showing both John and Conrads makers Marks. Johns in the “J” and Conrads in the U. Note: There are over a dozen John, Conrad and Herman makers Marks on this rifle and also what is believed to be Gustave Youngs “Y” Punch Mark found on the underside of the rifle. What makes this rifle so special is the fact that the underside shows the 79 with the scroll art as the Light in a classic Masonic design and the ciphers. Goes to show that the top experts with Winchesters are not engraving authorities, I call them smoke plate experts. Still many of the factory smoke plate guns have added marks and symbols not acknowledged or even seen by REALIZED by collectors! Let alone the top gun catalogers and experts ! This is where collectors and auction houses now have a new market in doing documentation of documented Ulrich guns, all over again! When we have learned that most Ulrich guns have several to many small makers marks and punch marks. WHERE FOR FIRST TIME IN WINCHESTER HISTORY! THIS WILL ALLOW COLLECTORS TO STUDY THE INDVIDUAL HAND OF EACH ULRICH! When its now learned that most guns they engraved can had up to three family members working on one gun at the same time! The 1892 TR’s “Apache Scout and Plains People engravings has now documented. Herman, John, Conrad, Alden George, Leslie and John the Youngers makers marks found all over the gun. Rudolph Ulrichs marks can not be confirmed, until documented Rudolph Ulrich engravings are studied. But I believe his marks are also found on the TR 1892.

Collectors now have a new avenue in documenting their documented Ulrich rifles that depending on those special finds. May easily increase the value of their rife thousands and tens of thousands of dollars more. Allowing auction houses to also benifit from sales. Most documented Ulrich rifle are known and so few unkown ones are far and few to see resurface today and tomorrow. So, in the historical gun world! Here is a new frontier and it pretty much involves all American engraved guns to the engraving Guild of Philadelphia and the engraving school that Robert Scot had also established in the 1790’s.



One thought on “The Dismissed Ulrich Masonic Rifle Engraving dedicated to their Lodge #79

  1. Gary , This is Warren Beaty from CA. (I spoke to you on the phone). My dentist looked at teeth pieces I found embedded in Winchester 1873. He said they were definitely human teeth. Sent you pictures of the gun and teeth, but no reply from you. These were sent from wbird23930@……. Whatever reply or not ill talk to others. Would like to try and extract DNA from tooth parts to get more history of where gun originated from.


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