LAST OF THE BUFFALO: Masonic Guild Copy Right Art & President Theadore Roosevelt’s 44-40 Winchester by the Ulrich’s!

The famous “Last of the Buffalo” painting by Master Masonic Guild Artist Albert Bierstadt. Very Close friends with President Teddy Roosevelt, who together past a preservation law in the efforts to preserve the last remaing Yellowstone National Park bison. This is the painting that inspired the engraved 44-40 Winchester rifle that bears the Presidents name with a gold inlay. My research has provided many makers marks of the entire Ulrich family engraving this rifle. The Ulrich full name is also written out and John Ulrichs flawless punched “J” makers mark is found on the lever.


Albert and Teddy were associated with this wild life preservation of Bison with the famous hunting club the President founded named the  “Boon & Crocket Club”. Thanks to the owner of the rifle, Charles Soter, we now have the origins connection of what inspired this Winchester rifle panel. Over the last couple years we knew the painting was associated to the rifles engraved design of the indian lancing the bison. What we did not know was the connection of the paintings artist Albert Bierstadt and the President, until Charles dove deep into the history of Albert and Teddy with their preservation work.

011 copy (2)

What we do know is the rifle had to be commissioned by the President with the Ulrich family from 1906-1915. We know there was a fire at the Winchester archives with this time line of gun and that the Olin company burned records to make room for new vast records in the 1960’s. Who is to say this rifle was not a factory custom engraved rifle for the President in his last years. Except, we can rule out all the mysteries and all the speculation for the fist time. Why can we rule all of that out now? Because this very important art design, like factory engraving designs, had a copyright. Where it was published in prints and in a book of the works if Bierstadt.

Note the buffalo skulls in both the painting and on the rifle, you only see a true Winchester bison skull on the later logo of Winchester firearms and never by the Ulrich’s until seen here on this priceless last of the Presidential Ulrich family engraved Winchester.

Not having a photograph with the President holding the rifle or not having the factory letter of the rifle existing. This evidence is the game changer because this art died out when it was engraved on this rifle. Western art historians mention that this art style was out of the picture by 1906. The Last of the Buffalo painting set a world record sale of Western art of the day for $50k. Such a sum was equivalent to several million dollars to todays money standard. What are the odds of Mr. Soter finding this information on this rifle, where this design was a copyright original by his good friend Bierstadt. Read the article of the painting below in the link.

Albert Bierstadt | HistoryNet

Nov 23, 2018 – Albert Bierstadt’s “The Last of the Buffalo,” his own last great Western … Back in the day The Last of the Buffalo, one of two paintings he rendered … Bird Grinnell and future President Theodore Roosevelt in the club’s efforts to …


Ulrich Full name



Mithraic-Zoroastrian Symbolism and Hartford CT, Freemasonry Symbolism Found on Colt Pistol Grips!Cosmic Cow.jpg

Notes: Its now acknowledged that Colt Firearms engravers and the Ulrich family of engravers followed this history. Herman Ulrich’s fancy exhibition Colt pistol grips, show even better detailed Masonic symbolism on the carved bull grips, representing this Cosmic  Religion associated with the Military of ancient Romes Legio’s.

Here is a link on the Great Seal history I worked on in the past while, linking Mithraic history.

Geomantic Information Systems; Exploring Axis Mundi, the Earth Grid …
… of the United States have already been exposed by researcher Gary Gianotti. …. Many tales of Joseph Smith state that he displayed the ‘hand up’ Masonic …

Quote from GIS “Three of the most easily recognizable symbols that comprise the Great Seal are the truncated pyramid, the all seeing eye, and the Phoenix bird that many feel the eagle on the seal actually represents. Indeed many early versions or drafts of the Great Seal include a bird with a plume on its crown that does not resemble the eagle and is representative of the Phoenix of the Mithraic faith of what was once the Persian Empire. Mithraism would also go on to be very popular in the Legions of Rome at about the time of Christ. Interestingly some of the origins of fabled Knighthoods may lay in the working and values of the Byzantine (Greek) and Roman (Latin) Legionaries themselves. The all seeing eye symbol is clearly associated and documented as being a product of dynastic Egypt.”

*The Link Below is a 60 plus Images document on Firearms engravers with Colt and Winchester.

PDF]American Relic Journal#1 – Electric Scotland
Gary C. Gianotti FSA Scot; Milford, CT. Figure 1. President Theodore … friends and people he admired. May 2016 The American Relic Hystery Journal Number 1 …

Ulrich Art Manipulation of Numbers! The 4th Degree Symbolism and a Masters 47 Symbolism Numbers!


Having learned of the fitters marks on Winchesters. Now it can be said that the person who blued the internal parts of the Teddy Roosevelt Rifle was in no question an Ulrich. Im going to do a review of the hi-resolution images and come to a conclusion of which Ulrich was a Mark Master Mason. The horse design is Hermans, but Conrad could have also don the horse. There is alot going on with small symbolism in the shading and on the buffalo’s hoof, upper one! Having spoke to the Cody Museum! The 4 by the lever is a mark of the fittewr who put the gun together. Except that I now have three “4” marks that are definitly Masonic ! I have to conclude that the symbolism is to the 4th Degree! Maybe it was done in a manner to inspire the President to advance his learning with Masonry! Historians all know Roosevelt was sick after his South America expedition and shortly over the years he had past. Factually, Roosevelt was a Blue Lodge Master Mason and here we see the Ulrich’s presenting higher degree symbolism!

Over the last week I tried to find any horses done by the Ulrich’s and so far this is the only horse with the crossed hoofs that make a perfect number 4!


Fourth Degree Symbolism.jpg



Herman Ulrich’s Makers Mark’s Found on both the Roosevelt 1876 and 1892 Winchester’s.

In the study of engravings over the years I have found that many people are not able to see the smaller makers marks. This find in rediscovering Hermans Ulrich’s maker marks are found on is Colt pistol engravings and on several other Winchesters documented to Herman Ulrich. What is uniques is that these marks are identical in design. Three of these marks are found on TR’s 1876 and two are clearly found on TR’s 1892.  These marks that are bold letters ” UH “and seen as “HU”! Colt’s engraver contacted Leslie Ulrich in the 1950’s and asked about Leslies fathers makers marks and Leslie said his marks were 1/16th on an inch in size. Where these are found as what appears to be scratch marks often. Except, each Ulrich had 3-4 different personalized letter makers marks and a variation of their own punch marks.


Herman Ulrich-Roosevelt.jpg

The Ulrich Engraved Annie Oakley Winchester. Masonic All-Seeing Eye Found & Lodge Number 79 In two location’s! Teddy Roosevelts matching makers mark to Oakleys Winchester by Leslie Ulrich.

1.69.25.v3 Oakley (1)

Annie Oakley Section

The All Seeing Eye is about a s perfect as one gets to see in the scroll with a shaded Eyebrow. The scroll art to the left of the eye does have the large 79 numbers. Done in a style that conforms to several found on documented Ulrich engraved winchesters. Leslie Ulrich’s mark has never publicly been seen until now. This same “T, L” mark is found on the Teddy Roosevelt 1892. Cut as large as Annies mark by Leslie. Now, I have read that no other Leslie Ulrich rifles have not been identifed to him, other than this rifle he did for Annie Oakley! Well, there are three Winchesters with Leslies Master Mark found. Which only means he did Scout, not the entire 1892. The 1892 is the only known rifle to have makers marks and punch marks by the entire Ulrich family. Leslie wrote the Ulrich name fully spelled out, nect to his “T, L” makers mark. The smallest ever seen, Ulrich name as big as a tic tac. Eye is dead center of the scroll.

Annie L.jpg

Leslie Ulrich’s Makers Mark on the Teddy Roosevelt 1892 & the Ulrich Name Spelled out! The first time ever seen Leslie Ulrich with his name spelled out. Note the symbols I put in boxes. Read the Talisman marks document! Right here, the Theodore Roosevelt rife has not ony the name spelled out. We have one of the few known Leslie Ulrich documented matchs with a fully documented rifle of Annie Oakleys with Leslie. Except my evidence shows that Leslies dad and uncle did do work on the Oakly rifle as well. NOTE: THE T/L Mark for Leslie is not a scratch, as you can see percise deep cuts!

Ulrich Full name.jpg


Sigma Tau, the offical ancient symbol of value! From symbolism back to Emperor Costantine and Revolation’s in the bible. The symbol is found on millions of relics to the time of Chirst. Could that be Robert Scots Mark with an “rST” where the “r” is lightly shaded.

Scot, appears t have placed an “r” to the left of the Sigma Tau symbol. Often seen on his original work’s. Trenchard jumps off his son inlaw Franis makers marks. Note that it says Wright & FS.

Joseph Wrights Engraving Discovery

The Dismissed Ulrich Masonic Rifle Engraving dedicated to their Lodge #79


Here is a perfect example of an Important rifle said to not be an Ulrich custom rifle. When it factually is more important than most signed Ulrich factory guns.

Figure 1c. shows Conrades rather large makers marks next to a Masonic Pig-pen cipher in the checkering! Where I place the black letters CU is also another cipher in the small checker grid(Seen small in size on a few Factory Winchester. Next month a full report will come out on this very important rifle that will show all four of the pigpen ciphers. Two of the grids or ciphers on this gun are the largest I have ever seen on any gun. let alone just a Custom Winchester said to be a fake Ulrich rifle. Oh yes, seen on many Winchesters that are documented to Ulrich’s and a collector selling his priceless Ulrich Winchester should “REALLY THINK ON THIS ONE”! I can show a half dozen Ulrich documented rifles sold with pig-pen ciphers that make the guns documents at top name auction houses. THE SELLERS LOST BIG MONEY BECAUSE THE EXPERTS DO NOT KNOW OR HOW TO IDENTIFY ONE!  So imagine the top Winchester identifcation experts over looked documented Ulrich Winchesters and Colts be sold and never knew special guns had these ciphers. The first auction house that acknowledges this in a sale, I will tip my hat tip them! Actually I have two to sell, so call if your interested.
Herman Ulrichs “HU” makers mark is found also in the center of the large scroll and we see a Large “JU” with the “JU” manipulated in the design showing both John and Conrads makers Marks. Johns in the “J” and Conrads in the U. Note: There are over a dozen John, Conrad and Herman makers Marks on this rifle and also what is believed to be Gustave Youngs “Y” Punch Mark found on the underside of the rifle. What makes this rifle so special is the fact that the underside shows the 79 with the scroll art as the Light in a classic Masonic design and the ciphers. Goes to show that the top experts with Winchesters are not engraving authorities, I call them smoke plate experts. Still many of the factory smoke plate guns have added marks and symbols not acknowledged or even seen by REALIZED by collectors! Let alone the top gun catalogers and experts ! This is where collectors and auction houses now have a new market in doing documentation of documented Ulrich guns, all over again! When we have learned that most Ulrich guns have several to many small makers marks and punch marks. WHERE FOR FIRST TIME IN WINCHESTER HISTORY! THIS WILL ALLOW COLLECTORS TO STUDY THE INDVIDUAL HAND OF EACH ULRICH! When its now learned that most guns they engraved can had up to three family members working on one gun at the same time! The 1892 TR’s “Apache Scout and Plains People engravings has now documented. Herman, John, Conrad, Alden George, Leslie and John the Youngers makers marks found all over the gun. Rudolph Ulrichs marks can not be confirmed, until documented Rudolph Ulrich engravings are studied. But I believe his marks are also found on the TR 1892.

Collectors now have a new avenue in documenting their documented Ulrich rifles that depending on those special finds. May easily increase the value of their rife thousands and tens of thousands of dollars more. Allowing auction houses to also benifit from sales. Most documented Ulrich rifle are known and so few unkown ones are far and few to see resurface today and tomorrow. So, in the historical gun world! Here is a new frontier and it pretty much involves all American engraved guns to the engraving Guild of Philadelphia and the engraving school that Robert Scot had also established in the 1790’s.