The blog is dedicated to the study of a new standard of historical relic identification that presents how the art guild artists, left their makers marks initial letter within their art designs of signed and unsigned works. The study allows with 100% accuracy a method of identifying the actual artists who made the relic by name if the relic is not documented to an artist. My study has been dedicated to the history of the Philadelphia engravers, who did much more than work on metal engravings. Their art covers the making of coins, commemorative medals, paper currency, paintings, historical flags, glass engraving, printing and engraving weapons.

Academia and 18th century art historians do not acknowledge these methods practiced by highly skill artists that dates back from the 18th century and as far back to the ancient artists, thousands of years ago. The same methods of this study can be applied to any time period with different artist as long as some of their documented art works survives. You can only use the documented known works that would allow you to compare the markers marks to the unsigned works believed to be the their work. This method was applied to the works of Leonardo da Vinci’s signed and unsigned Madonna of Yarnwinder paintings with success. Imagine that highly skilled academics would charge many thousands of dollars to identify lost works of art and still today have no clue that artist of the day placed many makers marks in the art with their students marks as well.

My goal with this new methods of identification of the early American artists, is being used to restore lost history. This is very important, because these artists are responsible with their art for being a major part of the creation of the United States founding economic infrastructure. The Philadelphia artists were responsible for making the relics of our nations sovereignty that represents the national identity of the people! What is any person or country with no identity? What value does a relic have for teaching if its dismissed because it can not be identified with the artist who made the relic? Today the US government can not even attempt to fix one thing with the nation, until they address the national identity problem. Regarding were our origins of sovereignty originate and laws! Robert Scot is the direct representative of the Jacobite families, planted secretly in America overseeing the art, associated with foundations of the United States.

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  1. I recovered a J Show Chippendale style drawer pull and backplate metal detecting an old farm in Maryland this past weekend. I noticed your article here says no other relics from their boundary exists except the Liberty Bell and a canon. Chuck


    • Very few papers exist on them and they are even a mystery with information on their genealogy that is limited. There are is so few accounts of their brass work known to exist in Philadelphia. Think mentions of lanterns or candle stick holders. This was a few years ago that I had done exhausting research trying to find anything on them. Who knows what exists as far as information or even relics made by them. Would love to see a picture if the pieces and the J Stow marks on the plate. Kind regards, Gary Gianotti. My email is Gary.gianotti1@icloud.com and my phone can receive images at 203-727-3708. The pieces may be of great interest to collectors….


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