Ulrich ” 3 Lodge’s” Masonic Tribute

new Update November-2016: The Evergreen Lodge 88 number. The 88 scroll art with the numbers 88 or 8. Christian numerical symbologists have called it the symbol of the resurrection, because Jesus rose on the 8th day. The bird is a phoenix and does represent resurrection and rebirth.

Here is an unsigned “John Ulrich ” Seal of the United States with some of the finest 20th Cenuty hidden symbolism ever seen on an Ulrich custom rifle. Seen from the early standard of how John was taught by the American Masonic Guild of Artists that goes right back to the influence of the Philadelphia engravers of the late 18th Century.

 NOTES: In a 1953 letter written to master engraver Alvin A. White,Ulrich’s son Leslie B. Ulrich a Winchester engraver. Noted that his father rarely signed his work as J. Ulrich or he just used his initials. No greater in size than “1/16th” inch in size. So documented evidence proves the Ulrich’s did place execeptionally small letter initial makers marks. Which proves the makers marks I find on many documented Ulrich engravings are authentic in identification and have to be accepted by historians. Regardless if the makers mark “JU” is one inch in size or 1/16th inch in size. When the Roosevelt Model 1892 “Apache Scout Rifle” is presented publically. You will get to see Leslie B. Ulrich’s makers mark and the 1/16th inch lettering of the full name spelled out “Ulrich”.

John manipulates the birds head and when the image is inverted, he cleaverly make his “JU” letter initals makers mark infused with the birds head with the ribbon in the mouth. There are many symbols designed into the bird. Simple symbols seen are the “E” and number “2”! The two is a sacred symbol found on all the early half dozen US Government’s sovereign great seals. The very first one is found on the famous very first US great seal proposed design with the fire pillar post having the “2”. The proposed seal posted below is the identical zoroastrian fire pillar design found in Robert Scot the great seal makers, great grandfathers fireplace at their castle tower called Scotstarvet. Only this specific family of Scot used one letter “T” at the end of the name. This came with Sir John Scot’s titles passed down from their fathers the Scot’s Buccleuch. Sir John was the head of the Chancery and one of the Kings top advisors on the Privy Council. So only this family wrote their last name with one “T” with their name Scot.  Their ancient father was Richard le Scot. the first to use the surname in Scotland. The true family line originated from the Norman family Le Fleming of Roun France. Scotstarvet was also a hunting retreat for their cousins, the Stuart Royal family. The factual evidence of a several year study allows this history to be written back into the history books.
You can also see the two Morning Stars on the ribbon that represents the two lodges associated to Morning Star Lodges of Connecticut with the Ulrich’s and a 47 in the tail feathers. Lodge 79 is the New Haven Lodge associated to the Ulrichs and 88 Lodge is identified by the ancient scroll symbolism they chose in the design. Very neat how they cut the 7and 9(inverted). From the basic study, several makers marks are found of John and some that do appear to be Conrad’s makers marks also exist..
Sir John Scot’s original 16th century relief fireplace at Scotstarvet show’s the Phoneix rising from a Zoroastrian Fire Pillar. Both John and his wife Lady Drummonds arms are displayed. Why I love lies of history? Because I can correct the history of lies and apply the information to society today. Example, the proposed original great seal image you see is US government drawing, documented as being drawn by Barton, some kid heraldry expert with no known life history today documented! The prepared drawing’s of the early government seals had all the bells and whistles with the hidden symbolism in the drawings themselves! What English kid in Philadelphia knows anything about Zorastrian art? Not this guy Barton! The flower on George Washington’s hat represents the exiled Scottish Prince Charles Edward Stuart and the flute represents his Jacobite song. Jacobites since the last Up-Rising wore the Jacobite white rose is the symbol of the Bonnie Prince Charlie trying to restore his sovereignty in the war called the “45”.
What does all of this jumping around from 20th century guns and Scot’s have to do with the Ulrich guns? It’s hard to dump information from the 11th century into the 19th and 20th century on the subject of the direct families who founded modern Freemasonry that passed the engraving knowledge to Gustave Young and the Ulrich’s. People who controlled the all the Guilds and money making of Scotland and America. The origins of all United States symbolism passed down the line from Robert Scot who founded the American Bank Note Company in the 1790’s, while working at the US Mint till the day he died. Herman Ulrich worked for the same company that Scot founded. He was taught higher engraving methods privy to few engravers. Robert Scot’s great grandfather Sir Johns maternal family are Acheson’s who controlled the Scottish Mint and also made or sunk coins for a few generations and were governors of the Mint. This is why when Robert Scot came to America, he becomes the head coiner of the US Mint for Life and can have an international money making company. Adding the privilege to do any side profit work while on the US government pay roll at $1200 us dollar a month. Big bucks then!
The Scot’s maternal family of Acheson’s in the 16th century changed their name with titles, they where named “ST. Clair”. Yes, part of the holy Blood Holy Grail history of the ancient split house of the same family Sinclair of Roslyn. These ST. Clairs of Herdmanston did remarry the Rosslyn lines over generations. One amazing Masonic fact, the first ST. Clair who changed his name killed a cousin over land rights and controlled a port and the guilds of SalT Preston, Scotland. Sir John Acheson at this time of the 1580’s is the founder of the Masonic Lodge called Acheson Lodge. The lodge where the world’s oldest minute book records survive, the oldest Masonic Lodge records.


When the geni records are found on Gustave Youg who trained the eldest brother Herman Ulrich how to engrave Colt and Winchester firearms. Then the doors will be blown wide open on one of the greatest mysteries that I can solve in minutes, after I have the records of Youngs true identity!
Like Robert Scot, Gustave has no family records other than saying a town in Germany is where the family originates. He is only said to come from Germany from family posts and what a Mr. Wilson says in his books. It is no coinincidence that another famous engraver has no identity. But like with Robert Scot, I solved that great mystery of his identity unknown to all historians in the United States and rewrote the surname of Scotland from 11th century church records with DNA in support of Flemming families records With published scholars of the family. Mr. Fred L. Fleming presented this information that allowed scholars of the Stuart family to advance their geneaolgy.

Paper Trail Genealogist – Electric Scotland
Feb 22, 2014 – A PAPER-TRAIL GENEALOGIST INTERPRETS THE RESULTS OF Y-DNA …. About a month ago I received an email from Gary Gianotti. Scholar Mr. Fleming backs up Gary Gianotti’s evidence that Sir Walter Scott never presented to the public in the end of the 18th century.

Robert Scot’s father founded the Cannongate Masonic Artist Lodge in Edinburgh Scotland. Famous member of artist, writers, engravers, clock makers and poets were members. The lodge had no clue who Roberts father was until I worked with todays lodge history to solve that identity of the Lodges founder, George Scot, mystery! One famous member was Sir Walter Scott the famous writer and historian who wrote Ivanhoe. Scott’s father a Lord employed a man named Young in his office. Young’s son became an important Pennsylvania Judge in the 1790’s, painted by Gilbert Stuart and resided in the town where General Arthur St. Clair lived in Greensburg, PA. Youngs were from a very powerful family of Lords who were married to the royal families. One Col. Young, associated to this same family was the highest ranking Scottish Mason in America. Representing the Grand Lodge of Scotland and the Military Lodges.. Youngs from this line had direct German royal family connections with the Stuart and a Lady of the Young Family married into the Graham family. The Bonnie Dundee, considered the Last GrandMaster Knights Templar who died on the battlefield wearing a templar cross on a chain and the cross on his shirt. From 1668 John Graham, the laird of Claverhouse was at the forefront of Royalist repression of the Covenanters, for which he was called “Bluidy Clavers” (Bloody Claverhouse) by his covenanting opponents. In 1688 he was made 1st Viscount of Dundee by James VII of Scotland (James II of England). When William of Orange overturned James in 1689 in what was called the Glorious Revolution, Claverhouse was one of the few Scottish nobles who remained loyal to James. After trying to influence the Convention of Estates of Scotland on James’s behalf, at some danger to himself, he led his cavalry out of Edinburgh to carry on the struggle in the field and was killed at the moment of victory in the battle of Killiecrankie (1689). His forces were subsequently defeated at the Battle of Dunkeld. Over a century later he was immortalised in a poem by Walter Scott which was later adapted into a song.

The same nobal family of Young, were married into the Graham families of Lord Dundee and Lord Dundee was married to Sir John Scot of Scotstarvets daughter. Again, Grahams are DNA proven Stuart and the Scot’s are married to the earliest High Stewards, 2nd High Stewards sister. So they were always married to Stuart, retaining the Chancery Titles since the 12th century. All of these Jacobites names mentioned were very close to the Royal German families and Prince Rupert. During the three uprising, we know many Jacobites fled to German, France and Europe. The theory is that Gustave Young may be a descendant from Scottish Jacobites exiled to live in Germany? Young could be from these direct families? Youngs are definitly  connected one way or the other, because Gustave Young, not JUNG, was part of the Ancient MASONIC GUILDS by blood somewhere in the lines of families linked to Colt and how Herman worked for the American bank note Company!


They were Staunch Masons that is documented, members of the Masonic Engraving guilds connected to Robert Scot’s Company that made international money banknotes and legal documents that specialized in anti-counterfeiting devices, just placing your letter initials on coins, money and anything they engraved is the device style. Just like we see on all guns they engraved, signed documented and undocument, they are all signed with many makers marks and punch marks by the American firearms engravers.
The youngest brother of the Ulrich’s, George! Has very good documentation of the families ancient bloodlines in Germany to the Royal families of the Prince Ulrich. The ancient Scottish Ancheson family married to the Scot’s not only controlled the Scottish Minting of Coin and owned gold mines. They were known also for their metal alchemy work in making weapons for armories in Scotland and Ireland. The father of Herman, Conrad, John and George Ulrich was a metal specialist with alchemy and the occults. Where I know he was privy to a history connected to all these families in ancient times! Its just a matter of more advanced detective work in finding the Ulrich and Young records. When the records are found, it will open and shed important light on the history of American gun making by the great Masters associated to the origins of the United States Sovereignty with the guilds who created our nations infrastructure.

Note:If anyone finds the records-Feel Free to pass them here, the original families of Ulrich’s I am aquainted with do not know! Maybe other’s do?




Note the Eye on the flag and the Ear of the Buffalo! Roosevelt when this gun was made was not even a Mason. But my basic theory says the gun was sent back to the Ulrich’s who added the vast Masonic symbolism before and after he became a Mason. Reason being is that it takes lots of time to do this my art just on the buffalo! Common Sense….LOOK REAL CAREFULL? MY GOAL IS TO TEACH FIRST! I SAID ANY AREA AN ULRICH WORKED OR ENGRAVED WOULD SHOW THE MARK WHO DID THE SECTION ON ANY GUN WHEN ITS A FAMILY PROJECT! THE BUFFALO’S UPPER LIP AND LOWER LIP IS A “LARGE J” FOR JOHN ULRICH!

American Relic Journal#1-TR-All Seeing Eye

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