The Right Hand Of God-Victory O’ER The Grave!

May I thank my dear friend Dr. Theodore S. J. Davi, Ph.D., P.M., M.M.S. and
Curator of the MG Arthur St. Clair Museum & Library. Our conversation on this subject was “Enlightening” because it is not Masonic and is a Christian Sovereign symbolism. The link below can be copied, so you can see the symbolism of the Bonnie pointing at his sword

Philip Mould | Historical Portraits | Prince Charles Stuart ……Prince-Charles…
The Harlequin Portrait of Bonnie Prince Charlie, John Worsdale Attributed to. Zoom. Oil on canvas. 18th Century. 30 x 25 inches 76.2 x 63.5 cm … (THIS I CAN’T POST UNTIL GIVEN PERMISSION)

Sovereign Symbol “E” can now be translated for the first time in more detail. The Scottish exposed this symbolism found in Jacobite art. Below is a US Gold coin made by Robert Scot and he was very creative in how he placed this very important symbol.

The symbol has a direct association is the Scottish art with the hand symbolism found in portraits of the Bonnie Prince Charlie and his father the Old Pretender. Later I will give a full explanation of the meaning with the Stuarts and how they used the symbolism. The “E” symbolism is the biggest breakthrough in the identification symbol used to authenticate a sovereign United States relic by the early Philadelphia guild artists. Specifically introduced by Robert Scot on most all of the early US Mint’s coin and medals. Also with the many other art relics he he made we find this symbol “E” that is FOUND ON ALL THE UNITED STATES SOVEREIGN GREAT SEALS AND EARLY US GOVERNMENT SEALS!

Right Hand Of God Symbolism-Royal ArchThe Hand of Sovereignty:

In the Book of Revelation we see Jesus using His right hand throughout like “in the right hand of him who was seated on the throne a scroll written within and on the back, sealed with seven seals” (Rev 5:1), and having taken “the scroll from the right hand of him who was seated on the throne” (Rev 5:7), He held the “scroll open in his hand. And he set his right foot on the sea” (Rev 10:2), and “In his right hand he held seven stars, from his mouth came a sharp two-edged sword, and his face was like the sun shining in full strength” (Rev 1:16) of which the stars represented the seven churches. The right hand and the right foot both symbolize sovereignty and authority.

Clearly we see that the right hand is symbolic of ruler-ship, authority, sovereignty, blessing, and strength that is significant in Scripture. The “E” represents the symbolism for Emmanuel. Emmanuel (Hebrew meaning, “God with us” a Hebrew name which appears in chapters 7 and 8 of the Book of Isaiah as part of a prophecy of God’s protection from rival kings during the life of Jeshurun. The Jacobite Up-Risings with the “E” Symbolism represents this history of Rival Kings! The Order of the Thistle Star has documented information pertaining to the Morning Star of Bethlehem. The Scottish Kings Order of the Thistle “The statutes stated that the Order was ‘to continue to consist of the Sovereign and twelve Knights-Brethren in allusion to the Blessed Savior and his Twelve Apostles'”. So in all honestly, there is no mistaking the Thistle history that is documented in the official website of the British Monarchy and its association with the “E” seen below.


THOUSANDS OF US SOVEREIGN RELICS & ART RELICS HAVE THE SOVEREIGN EMMANUEL E SYMBOLISM. There is another “Restoration Afoot” which is the United States National Identity that is derived from the Stuart Dynasty! Which has been eradicated since the founding of the United States. What is any person or any nation with no identity? You see it today in the United States, a clueless society that does not know where American Sovereignty originates and the result is a divided nation where most all are clueless to where Sovereign Laws originate, as well!

Jacobite Succession: 

The Jacobite succession is the line through which the crown in  of England and Scotland and Ireland (France also claimed) has descended since the flight of James II & VII from London at the time of the “Glorious Revolution”. James and his Jacobite successors were traditionally toasted as “The King over the Water”.

  1. James II & VII
  2. James Francis Edward Stuart
  3. Charles Edward Stuart (Bonnie Prince)
  4. Henry Benedict Stuart






Jacobite Symbolism In America

Last year I addressed the History Channels “America Unearthed” show host Scott Wolter in the effort for him to correct his incorrect research he presented on the “M” sign! Mr. Wolter refused to even debate or even return correspondence with me and with the founder of Electric Scotland. Mr. Wolter made claim that many religious paintings showed that Saints and important Christian figures in religious art made hand signs of the letter symbol “M” that represented Mary Magdalene. Below is Mr. Wolter’s Knights Templar painting he presented that is actually a Knights of Malta Painting. Note the Knights of Malta Cross for the order of St. John on the bottom of the painting.

Click on the link below and See Mr Scott Wolter “M” symbolism! Then look at my evidence!


Below you will see the triple groove Glasgow style John Allan basket hilt sword. You will see that the outside square border edge looks neatly cut with a file that shows several symbols of the same border design. The symbol is the letter “E” as seen below on the very rare print of the Bonnie Prince Charlie, engraved by Sir Robert Strange.


In 1923 a Mr. Francis, the past President of the British Numismatic Society published “Jacobite Drinking Glasses and Their Relation to Jacobite Medals”. Thankfully Mr. Francis preserved the wonderful print image of the Prince in the engraving seen above. The image clearly show most remarkable, meant to be seen symbol “E” on the vest of the Prince. Right next to the “8” star on his vest. The star is not the Garter order star, but the Order of the Thistle. Several other Prince Bonnie paintings, engravings and Jacobite glasses show the “E” that relates to the Greek symbolism for God. The symbolism goes hand in hand with the Order of the Thistle. The symbolism would represent the Bonnies Sovereign rights to be King by God, he and his Knightly Order of the Thistle. The Thistle symbolism associates the Sovereign association with the “Twelve Apostles” and Jesus. Not 13 for the letter “M” for Mary. Imagine this simple fact! If Scott Wolter’s theory was not corrected, over the next say 100 year! The symbolism he presented would have replaced the factual Sovereign symbol “E” in association to God’s symbolic roll with Sovereign Right’s Symbolism. Scott Wolter should try going to Church!

[PDF]Jacobite drinking glasses and their relation to the Jacobite ……/1921_BNJ_16_16….
interesting Jacobite drinking and toasting glasses, and particularly by the find of an …. and its relation to the similar emblem on medals -and other Jacobite relics.

Why is this EVIDENCE of the Symbolism “E” so important to correct and why should Numismatic Historians be so thankful for Mr. Francis work on Jacobite glasses and medals? Numismatic historian’s will see that this is a major historical advancement on seeing this symbol on many coins and medals as an authenticity symbol in identifying authentic medals. Especially in the identification of the controversial American George Washington Indian Peace Medals. My new critics in the Numismatic field with those medals will have no leg to stand on debunking my latest paper in the Colonial Newsletter!

John Allan basket hilt-Symbolism

The Five Pointed Star as a Secret Jacobite Symbol:

Last year I worked on the Jacobite Spy button identification and had my named removed from many documents I spent several hundred hours researching all the early American buttons, influenced by Robert Scot the engraver. The owner of still try’s to pass himself off as a Scottish Scholar and plagiarized “ALL” of his Jacobite research that is my documented research! Here I have been fortunate enough to add full provenance to the Jacobite Spy Button that I identified. Just by a single photograph of a documented, authentic example of a triple groove Glasgow style John Allan basket hilt sword that incorporates several five pointed stars in the saltire.

This symbolism on the swords basket is the identical symbolism design or pattern design of the Jacobite Spy Button I researched. Pictured below is the button and in the direct center dot of the star, from 11’oclock to 5’oclock is the “E” symbol for Emmanuel. The sovereign art symbolism of “E” can be seen on relics dating as far back to the Saxons and Norman nobility during the 11th century.

ZA 1778-83 8 Point Star Button Made By P. Du Simitiere &amp; Robert Scot 2 Washington Spy Button