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Tonight on 21st Century Radio, I’ll be presenting the Great seal history mysteries. The END of the Lies and the Truth will prevail.

The topic is DOCUMENTED factual information that proves Stuart Freemasonry created the symbolism and sovereignty identity of the United States!

Your can clearly see that my 30 years of the study of esoteric art shows this original US Great Seal design shows over 200 cross hatching number 47’s. When you turn the image on the right side the cross hatching shows another 200, 47’s that represents the Master Mason symbol of a Masters Jewels called the Euclid mathematic solution! Geometry that is the symbolism of the Master Masons.

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The short story is foreign powers did in fact have plans for America with the founding fathers of the United States! The greatest sell out of the people, where US government officials and Presidents sold out “We The People”!

The Last Of the Great American Silversmith’s

My Visit with Mr. Burt Boardman, 9th generation silversmith. Mr. Boardman is legendary and one of the most internationally recognized silversmith! Mr. Boardman’s silver company is the oldest continuous silver manufacturing-company in United States history.

Mr. Boardman did a two hour examination on the authenticity of two historical medals! Yes, it helps when you personally know a silver master artisan, since I was a kid. Boardman buried the experts who have denied some medals as period, authentic Silver oval George Washington Indian peace medals!. First let me present you a video of being in silver heaven and in a day or so I will post the interview study of the peace medals.

Oh and let me share this secret! Mr. Boardman found a silversmiths secret writing on the medal telling something that maybe one or two silversmiths today may know how to translate the writing cipher!

This video is the silver ready to go to the engraver. If your a sports fan, you will love this video!


Portrait Artist, Sculptor, Medalist



Hallmark of Joseph Lovell Wright Jr

as found on

1792 Silver Oval Indian Peace Medal

Below is an image of the 1792 George

Washington Indian Peace Medal of the Woolaroc Museum in Bartlesville, Oklahoma

This medal is featured on the cover of “Peace Medals; Negotiating Power in Early America” written by Robert Pickering and sold by the Gilcrease Museum in conjunction with their 2011 Indian Peace Medal Exhibit. The Who’s Who of the coin and medal collecting world contributed to the book including; F. Kent Reilly, Barry D. Tayman, Tony J. Lopez, Skyler Liechty, John W. Adams, Duane King, George Fuld, Thomas Gilcrease Institute of American History and Art, Bruce W. Arnold and Frank Goodyear (III). George Fuld in an addendum to the book wrote about the importance of the Woolaroc medal and notes the previously unknown “JW” silver hallmark stamped on the bottom of the medal.

Now for those of you who may not know, Dr. Fuld was one of the most renowned medal and token scholars extant. He authored several books on the subject including his most recent contribution was writing reminiscences of his Civil War token collecting and research for Q. David Bowers’ reference book, “A Guide Book of Civil War Tokens” and an update with Russell Rulau to Baker’s “Medallic Portraits of Washington”, (just to name a few). He also with his father helped form what is now the Token and Medal Society and served as its first president. His achievements and awards are too numerous to list. Dr. George Fuld was and will always be a leading scholar in the numismatic world.

This said to take nothing from him or the other renowned medal scholars that contributed to the work authenticating the Woolaroc medal and bringing it to light. I must respectfully disagree with the assumptions of Joseph Wyatt being credited as being the engraver. Wyatt is still registered as a silversmith in London in 1793 and there are known works dated 1792 and 1793 in London. Joseph Wyatt is registered in Philadelphia as a silversmith in 1797. A bit late to be included in the array of silversmiths and engravers involved in the fledgling mint or creating the first George Washington Peace Medals of this type in 1792.

Below are examples of Joseph Wyatt’s Hallmark. Both in London in 1793 and Philadelphia in 1797.

London 1792/1793.

Philadelphia 1797

With this information brought forth and easily researchable Joseph Wyatt has to be discounted as one of the possible engravers of the 1792 Woolaroc medal.

Dr. Ron Miller and Gary Gianotti published an article that mentions a sister medal to the one housed at the Woolaroc Museum in “The Colonial Newsletter” number 159 dated 2015. Dr. Miller follows Dr. George Fuld’s lead of also attesting the sister medal to Joseph Wyatt.

Records of a sale on Worthpoint of the same medal can be found and also mentions Wyatt as the engraver.

What else could you do when a group of experts like the ones previously mentioned published on it (and put it on the cover of a peace medal book sold at the premier exhibit of peace medals of all time!)?

This is where Gary Gianotti comes in to play. He continued work on both the Woolaroc and its sister medal now in a private collection.

Gary was convinced that Joseph Wright was the creator of both of the 1792 G. W. Peace Medals and was working diligently to prove it.

A year or so ago our paths crossed on a unrelated project. He sent me images and background of both the medals and asked my opinion of authenticity and hallmark.

The Woolaroc medal was found on what is considered part of the “Fallen Timbers” battlefield of Anthony Wayne fame in 1933 and is now in the Woolaroc Museum. The sister medal was later discovered in a private collection by Dr. Ron Miller. Although he was correct in its authenticity the damage was done with the mistaken hallmark identification.

After reviewing the pictures and info I was certainly intrigued. The medals were spot on in size, weight, construction, etc. The Woolaroc was well documented to its origin and already published on by leading experts in the field. The JW medal discovered by Dr Miller was an obvious “twin sister”.

For what my opinion is worth I wholeheartedly believed both the medals to be authentic, joined the research effort and began studying all know works of Joseph Wright.

Last spring the owner of the sister medal flew to Denver where I was attending the annual Colorado Gun Collectors Association Gun Show and I was afforded the opportunity to study the medal first hand using a digital microscope and big screen television monitor.

What a game changer! It wasn’t a dash between the J and W, it was an L attached to the J. Suddenly it was clear.

Joseph Lovell Wright

He was using his mothers maiden name!!

This was and still is somewhat common especially with prominent maternal family connections. Patience Lovell Wright was certainly worthy of name recognition both in her artistic prowess and her political connections. This is evident in both the works of Patience and her son Joseph Jr. All one has to do is study the subjects of their work. Books have been written attesting to the contributions of Patience Wright to the Americans war effort throughout the revolution.

Joseph made five portraits of Washington as well as life masks, sculptures and engravings. They were well associated as Washington (along with many other men of prominence) was with his mother.

At the same moment in history the medals were created Joseph Lovell Wright Jr became the first engraver of the fledgling US mint and is credited with some of the first (and most valuable) coins including the Liberty Cap cent, the back of the Flowing Hair dollar and half dollar by Robert Scott. Joseph Wright died of yellow fever September 13, 1793 a little more than a year after the mints creation.

Joseph Wright also created the dies for the “Paulus Hook” Henry Lee Medal. Very few of the originals were struck due to the broken die. A few are housed in the Smithsonian. This is where we got our (first) big break.

Henry Lee “Comitia Americana” Medal

Close up of J. Wright on bust of Henry Lee

In the image above note the tiny J added to the left of the big J. The large J itself clearly has a separately cut inverted L, making his unmistakable mark of JJLW for Joseph Lovell Wright Jr. This used alone in his makers mark when only using letters to denote himself from other artists with the same initials. For example Joseph Wright of Derby and Joseph Wyatt of question and confusion of former researchers.

These hallmarks using the first letters of their Christian name and surname were required by law both in England as early as 1739 and in many US cities as early as 1733

With their mark they assured a sterling silver standard of 92.5%+ silver in the alloy of whatever they happened to make. Deviation from this resulted in heavy fines and were enforced by the silversmiths “Guild” assayers.

“Guild” artists like Joseph Wright would usually reinforce their marks with other similar cuts or marks nearby as you will see in the picture below. They wanted no doubt that this was there mark. Compare initials on the Henry Lee medal die to the 1792 Peace Medals of Joseph Wright

These are Js cut into his hallmark identifying himself as Joseph Jr combined with the L attached to the J on the punch itself for his mothers maiden name, we have Joseph Lovell Wright Jr. Another example is his makers mark found on his family portrait that is housed at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art.

Note the drum in the bottom left corner

These initials can be found on virtually all of his work regardless of medium. The JJLW found on the drum in his family portrait is one of the easiest to find. Notice the small J is very similar to the one cut into his hallmark punch found on the 1792 George Washington Peace Medal at the Woolaroc Museum as well as its sister medal discovered by Dr Ron Miller and FSA Scot researcher Gary Gianotti.

While I am showing paintings of Wrights, I have to include this painting of his mother, Patience. Note the skewed position of her right hand. (I don’t think it’s arthritis!)

This painting is dated 1782 and in possession of the Smithsonians National Portrait Gallery. It was formerly attributed to her son in law John Hoppner and now attributed to Robert Edge Pine. It seems strange they wouldn’t have considered her son as the artist. If you study it closely you will find further “reinforcement” initials on or near her hand and further study will show it is literally covered with Joseph Lovell Wright Jr’s JJLW marks.

I believe the methods used in this identification process is the future of verification and authentication procedures. As with Joseph Lovell Wright Jr, few records actually survive of many works of art, firearms, etc. This shows how a particular item can be used as a document in itself. We have many tools and technologies available now that haven’t been in the past. Good microscopes are readily available and affordable. Cameras are continually improving and high resolution photos are now commonplace. Audio microscopy can determine fine scratching and compare tooling marks. XRF testing is available to determine exact matches to other know relics and also reveal “period” metal compositions. I believe testing will show that the Indian Peace Medals that are actually bearing a hallmark will be of the sterling standard (92.5%+) and the unstamped ones most likely coin silver (90%AG, 10%CU). I believe when XRF testing is complete, the Woolaroc and its sister medal will match and be of sterling quality.

Woolaroc Medal pictured with its sister medal

*These medals could very possibly be The very first U.S. Mint relics extant*

1794 US Silver Dollar Sold For $10M USD

Recently, I have posted a great deal on the symbolism of how the Jacobites in the US Art guild had always incorporated all of their political art that dates back to the time of the 1650’s with King Charles I & II. Felt this would be a good time to show you Roberts Scots hidden symbolism and a very special hidden caricature animal face portrait that is exceptionally hard to do on a coin. This was standard practice on many coins and historical medals, including historical government seals. Even on guns they were most often done in shading, like the one I posted with the tree showing the symbolism related to Charles II hiding up in the Royal Oak tree, when he was being hunted down by the British government soldiers during his escape to flee to France.

Below is the most expensive US Silver dollar ever sold. You can see that lady Liberty has her eyes focused up, but at what? The Letter T in liberty was manipulated and symbolizes the Royal Oak with Charles II and the letter “E” in Liberty is the Factual symbol of the York Rite Freemasons. Several posts back I did a detailed write up on the US early gold coins showing the “E” Emanuel symbol and the York Rite Symbol being used on US coins. The great find here is the odd ball caricature face you see when the coin is inverted.  My next coming up story will cover the similar, odd ball caricatures faces found on 1792 Indian Peace medals, never before presented to the public. Thanks to David Fegley’s special cameras we can now show Charles II’s face between the tree on the 1792 “JW” George Washington Indian Peace medal. Now I figured that its common to find these caricature faces on coins and medals. Like I showed you on the rifles with caricatures shaded and on these coins. Often the metal gets worn off over time and only the best surviving examples can show them clearly. Here is a good one, American Indians who were presented Silver peace medals did the most god awful thing when they shined their medals. They rubbed wet sand on them to polish their medals, thus destroying the many caricature, cartoon type or exquisite portrait shaded images on them! Enjoy the new finds…

1789 George Washington Silver Oval Indian Peace Medal Findings!

This is the first time I ever bothered to look at these devalued gems! Why are the 1789 oval peace medals with Washington dressed in Ancient Greek military fashion never getting any real big money, like the 1792 medals? Again, its because the numismatic experts do not follow symbolism or esoteric symbolism and most definitely have no idea with making the connection with British and European history. Pictured below is a fine example image of the 1789 medal.


Pictured above we see the Indian chief and George dressed in Greek clothing and a spear on the ground with a shield along side with the face. There is a good bunch of worn esoteric art on the entire medal. Except there is a basic art trick that was accomplished by this artist that no scholar has figured out until today!  Notice the ground and when I rotate the image what happens and look at the numbers 1789. The 8 is actually upside down and meant to be inverted when you read it!


The ground is an actual tree trunk and the  Face represents King Charles II, who was hiding in the Royal Oak tree with his famous escape to France. Now look at the date numbers, you see the number 68 is larger than the one and the seven. The symbology is referring to another famous treaty that involved Charles II converting his faith over from being a Protestant to being a Catholic. Peace Treaties with American Indians had always involved converting heathens into Christians. So basically I would say that I nailed the missing story of the 1789 Peace medals hidden symbology, which is pretty basic Imagery that tells an older story one hundred years later. When it was first exposed to historians.

THE MAKING OF THE SECRET TREATY OF DOVER, negotiations began 1689 & was signed in 1670

Charles II

The Treaty of Dover, also known as the Secret Treaty of Dover, was a treaty between England and France signed at Dover on 1 June[1] 1670. It required that Charles II of England would convert to the Roman Catholic Church and assist Louis XIV with 60 warships to help and 4000 soldiers in France’s war of conquest against the Dutch Republic. In exchange, Charles would secretly receive a yearly pension of £230,000, as well as an extra sum of money when Charles informed the English people of his conversion, and France would send 6,000 French troops if there was ever a rebellion against Charles in England. The secret treaty was signed by Arlington, Arundell, Clifford and Bellings for England and Colbert de Croissy for France. Both kings exchanged letters of ratification and kept secret the existence of the treaty,[2] A public treaty of Dover was also negotiated, but it was a fake designed for propaganda and to hide the religious dimension of the secret treaty. The Third Anglo-Dutch War was a direct consequence of this treaty.[3] The actual treaty was published by historians a century later

Few international agreements have provoked more controversy among historians than that concluded at Dover, on 22 May 1668-70 by representatives of the English and French Crowns. Its main provisions were for an offensive war against the Dutch republic of the United Provinces, leading to its destruction as a European power, and for the public profession by the English king, Charles II, of the Roman Catholic faith, which had been regarded by most English people for a hundred years as the bitterest enemy of their own church. The existence of this treaty was concealed not only from the other European states and the subjects of the respective monarchs, but from the greater number of their own ministers. The motives of Charles in making this amazing pact have remained a mystery. In the present century, they have been represented by Sir Keith Feiling as an attempt to unite Catholics and Protestant dissenters as a foundation for a stronger monarchy; by Cyril Hartmann, K. H. D. Haley, David Ogg and Lady Antonia Fraser as a decision to hitch England to the fortunes of Europe’s strongest state, France; by Sir Arthur Bryant as a wish to ensure his country a share of the Spanish empire and his throne a dependable group of supporters in the form of the Catholics; by Maurice Lee and J. R. Jones as a grand design to make himself independent of his subjects in general and of parliament in particular; and by John Miller as a desire for vengeance upon the Dutch.

For my Gun Engraving followers, here we see the guild engravers with Winchester in the 1900’s. Where the artists place the head of King Charles in a tree that is shaded to symbolize the same thing of Charles hiding in the Royal Oak. There are many examples by artist doing this with Charles II image in or on Oak trees. Below is an example of a Winchester rifle showing an outstanding shaded image of the head of Charles II. Remember that Robert Scot the top guild artist, who was secretly representing the Jacobite cause. Controlled the American art guild and taught this art to be passed down from peace medals to the gun artist from the 1800’s into the early 1900’s! The top gun artists worked for Scots company the American Banknote Company that still exists making every security aspects of all credit and bank cards today! The head is clearly seen on the trunk, the leaf is a Jacobite butterfly represent the Stuarts and the other leaf is an “E” for Emmanuel. Hear  me loud and clear, many engraved relics and guns have these shaded art caricatures and over time they get wiped clean. So when you think yo see a face or an animal on a gun, you most likely are and that its been wipe or worn down from cleaning over the many years.








George Washington Silver Oval 1792 Indian Peace Medals & New Findings!

Below was the famous 1792 Hallmarked “JW” peace medal that turned the heads of the top numismatic scholars with its debut being featured in the Colonial Newsletter . The most prestigious research journal in early numismatics in the world. Where you can read the paper free online that also features its sister medal that is located at the Woolaroc Museum in Oklahoma. Volume 55, Number 3 – December 2015 -Serial Number 159 & published by The American Numismatic Society in NYC.


After a few years on the study of these rare medals, Dr. Ron Miller and myself were very fortunate that together, we were able to co-author this scientific paper. Our goal was to prove that this medal was in fact an authentic medal, engraved by Joseph Wright. Wright  was the very first official engraver of the US Mint by 1791-1793 and had died, along with his wife from a horrific yellow fever epidemic in Philadelphia.

Only the medals made by Joseph Richardson and a few of his sons are the only other known peace medals to have punched letter initial marks and this medal featured in this story has these punched markers marks that are also called a “Touch Mark”.

After the medal was featured in the Journal, all the top experts in the filed of medals study, would not accept this medal and its sister at the Woolaroc Museum as authentic. The most well known experts laughed at basic history of the vast Masonic Guild esoteric symbolism right before their eyes! Even worse, when the owner of the medal tried to sell it years later. Not one of the top auction houses would even bother supporting the sale and refused to consign the piece for sale.

Dealing with experts on these medals, I have learned that they do not know how to set a standard of grading or even know how to identify any authentic silver oval Indian peace medal. Except the very few that have a full provenance with their histories preserved is their only basis of knowing what an authentic medal looks like. This is a similar issue in the identification world of historical period 13 stars & stripes flags that I had dealt with in the past and proved the very first two period star & stripes authentic in US history. Dealing with some of the top people in the historical gun engraving world. My partner David Fegley and I were confronted by even worse ignorant experts who devalue priceless engraved guns. Same story, where people who have zero knowledge in the origins of engraving with the founding of the United States and the guild artists. Where I was the first to identify that the top gun engravers were all connected to the American Banknote Company. The company founded by the Scottish born US great seal engraver Robert Scot, who replaced Joseph Wright at the US Mint after Wright died. So we have a very powerful connection with Robert Scot being a secret Jacobite and the President of the American art guild. Scot was responsible for establishing the very first engraving school and Wright was under Scot’s guild controlled umbrella also!

Again, I want to tell that David Fegley did an outstanding job with his microscope that bends light to bring out far superior images, that allow me to show you what I miss with my eyes!



Here is an image that Dave took with his high tech scope that bends light so you can see the medal that is worn around the of the Indian Chief that Washington is sharing the wacky tobacky pipe with. Here we find a major historical find that shows the snake that eats its tail. The Scottish Jacobite meaning with my last posted history on the symbolism representing the Stuart symbolism of Charles II followers using the symbolism to represent the cycle of the return of the King and the Stuart Kings royal “LINK” to God! This is also the origins of George Washingtons, circular 13 star pattern with his Ross flag design and also the origins of the US 13 Chain link coin symbolism. Prior to the American symbolism its found on the rarest of historical Jacobite loyalist buttons with the snake that eats its tail, 13 star and stripes being Jacobite in origins with chain links. Pictured below.


The medal above shows the perfect snake eating its tail!


This is such an exciting find that I found this symbolism on several of the authentic known 1792 peace medals that are authentic peace medals, thank to Mr. Dave Fegley of Rifles & Relics LLC based out of Pennsylvania.  Fakers cant fake this or make this stuff up, its a slam dunk on giving authenticity to the medal featured in this story. By the way, this author never gave up on this story’s featured medal that after it would not sell, that’s to the experts hurting the medals reputation. This author made it a point to purchase the medal and I now own the relic with coin and relic scholar Kory Greenberg of California.


We see two different trees, the bent over pine tree that is Jacobite symbolism. The famous Pine Tree shilling coins from the Massachusetts bay Colony. Upon the restoration of Charles II, Gov. Winthrop had to explain that the pine tree was symbolic to the Royal Oak tree that Charles was hiding in when he escaped England. Hiding in the famous oak tree while the Round Heads where searching for him before his escape to France.

The pine tree is symbolic to Charles II with the Oak tree via the American colonies, just like the snake eating its tail on the Indians medal around his neck. The tree trunk was a mind boggler for a great while and the large trunk design can not be a tall standing American Pine tree. Except when you study the 1780 Indian Peace medal by Robert Scot, call the “Happy While United Indian Peace Medal” from Virginia. We now can close the story, because the tree trunk and the Scot medals tree are what is called the Scot’s Pine tree. Loyalists to the deposed Stuarts would plant them in England on their properties to be used symbolically as a place of refuge for Jacobites and the trees were called the “Bonnie Trees” in representation of the the Bonnie Prince Charles Edward Stuart. All of this symbolism is Jacobite symbolism that is showing Loyalty to the deposed House of Stuart’s. Adding to the fact that when to look at the back side of the medal, we do not have an Eagle, we have the Phoenix that is the birth song and a symbol to the Jacobites in the day with the rebirth of the house of Stuart in America with the Bonnie Prince who was the true King. The clouds in the sky is the STAR GATE TO HEAVEN! The 13 arrows represent the King and his 12 knight a Garter, being symbolic of Jesus and the 12 apostles.


The Phoenix holding the “Laurel Branch” symbolizing Jacobite victory to come because it is not wrapped yet into a laurel crown that is the symbol of victory. Which is documented in the 1745 war art of the Bonnie wearing the Laurel in Scotland with his victory in Edinburgh.


May I not forget the latest research on the medal. The medal has successfully been sent to a top metallurgical scientist, who has proven that the medal and the metal content is specific to the date with comparison tests of US Mint silver to that date. proving once and for all that the only person who would have the exact metal from the US Mint could only be Joseph Wright with out a shadow of a doubt. Forensic testing does not lie and can not be brushed aside by an auction house. Even better, insurance companies have been calling me with my advanced research in the effort to advance insurance values of relics now! Big money Game…..Now!

How Do You Price & Value the Medal of such

Keep this in mind if your a guild relic appraiser for legal insurance purposes! Knowing now that the artist was Joseph Wright and that this medal is the earliest United States Mint hand engraved medal. Also knowing that Wright was the 1st appointed US mint official engraver and Joseph Richardson was only a subcontractor. You have to weigh out the values that this historical medal is more valuable than the Robert Scot 1794 US silver dollar that sold for $10 Million USD a few years ago. Why would this be true, because its the holy grail relic identifiable to the United States Mint to date! The most recent Peace medal had just sold for $600k  USD recently that was a Richardson. Condition and the engraving quality are irrelevant in comparison to the quality of Joseph Richardsons medals. Today’s guild appraiser have to go by an insurance value of more than the Scot coin because of the historical significance and rarity of this medal being the earliest known surviving US Mint hand engraved relic in American history today!

The top experts in the coin world have now become irrelevant with insuring priceless relics. They only meet a standard of grading and rarity! They do not catalog the true history of what is laid out in their faces and todays big museum insurance companies are opening their eyes to this today to the vast repurposing of the true art that jacobites created with the art.

The new advancements with advancing this knowledge and billions of dollar to come with millions of relics associated to the guild has been an ongoing project with my associated partners Kory Greenberg, David Fegley and Chris Soter!  My associates and I are launching our LLC services with our businesses named Relics International and Rifles & Relics LLC. We are open for business legally!