Old Glory Quest.mov – YouTube

Gary Gianotti burial of Revolutionary War Patriots last remains, his skull. Buried with full honors, while Gianotti shows you the only proven authentic 13 st…
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Bringing a Revolutionary War Soldier Home.

This was a video when I found the body remains of one of the 50 plus Revolutionary war soldiers buried in a mass grave in my home town in 1777 on New Years Eve. All died of small pox from exposure on the British prison ships in New York City. They dumped them in Milford in the hopes of spreading the disease among the People of the Milford Colony that is documented as the largest palisade fort in all the Americas.

One thought on “Old Glory Quest.mov – YouTube

  1. The video was more of a spoof. Trying to figure how to use a program. But it was the actual burial of the remains of a Revolutionary war prisoner of war, who passed from small pox and buried in a mass grave. The early railroad destroyed the mass burial grave and parts of the Patriot resided in Yale as a study specimen.

    I was the one who found this patriot and proved the mass grave of 45 persons location min Milfoed


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