The Grand Lodge Eagle flag 1791-1803

The Eagle & The Lodge

The Eagle & The Grand Lodge-Scot-Engraving copy

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The Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania’s rare historical flag construction was started before Joseph Wright had died in 1793. The evidence of his makers marks being found on the suggest the Philadelphia artist Robert Scot preserved this flag for a number of years. The flag shows 17 stars that would represent Ohio admitted into the union in 1803. We see 17 Stars that represents the number of states in the union, the makers mark location found on the identical location as the 1795 silver dollar that Robert Scot also made, suggest this flag was worked on from 1791-1795 and then finished in 1803.

The three arrows is a very important new discovery on my behalf of may research. The barbed arrows represents the history of the Royal Archers of Scotland. Robert Scots engraving teacher was the royal engraver for the exiled Scottish Prince and his teacher was also one of the body guards or life guards of Bonnie Prince Charlie in the 1745 Up-Rising. This story will be continued in more detail in the near future. Please open the document and read the one document that the top coin historians have “ZERO” clue about Robert Scots family who were the heads of the Scottish Royal Mint for a duration of 150 years.

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