Newly Released Jacobite, American Flag Symbolism Origins on the famous Cowpen’s flag Design!

us-flag-bonnietarge <<<Click On Link to Open PDF Document on the Rewriting of the US Flag History Origins From the Cowpens Flag Star Symbolism Design. Unknown to American History Until Today.

Notes: The Sword Baskets 3-2-3-2-3 has the odd stars like a diamond, Diamonds are documented on this blog with the Stuart Heart Buttons with Arrows with mary Queen of Scot’s and Charles I on the scaffold “REMEBER ME” and the Royal Jewery Signets!

Notes:All of these families mentioned in the last two documents are all married with the Stuarts, Scot/Buccleuch, Sinclair and St. Clairs and many other important families. Clan Gordon comes into play with these families. Would be a blessing from my research side if the Gordon silversmith/engravers were associated in this art being made. Much to a few of the Jacobite engravers known, many medals and pieces are not known or documented to which did the work! Where these medals are as rare and even more rare than the George Washington Indian Peace medals I have studied and corrected the identification of authentic early US Mint Relics from 1791-4.



Pictured About is a Scottish Dress Shield called a Targe, Made for the exiled Scottish Prince and presented to him with his invasion of England during the Jacobite 1745 Up-Rising!


The Cowpens flag, or 3rd Maryland flag, is an early version of the United States flag that meets the congressional requirements of the Flag Resolution of 1777. Like the Betsy Ross flag, the white stars are arranged in a circle on a blue field; but the circle consists of just 12 stars, with the 13th star in the center and its design meaning has always been unknown to vexillologist.


How the full Circle of Jacobite Symbolism, Swings back to back United States Sovereign Symbolism of the United States Flag with Francis Hopkinson.

Flag controversy: US FLAG ORIGINS AND FRANCIS HOPKINSON….3-2-3-2-3


Above is a flag that I spent time handleing, one fo the earliest cotton flags that a textile historian said it was made after in the early 1800’s, do I agree? No! But the real Hopkinson mystery of the 3-2-3-2-3 star pattern US Stars & Stripes flags can be told because of Scottish guild sword smith artists. Who, I remove my hat to and take to one knee to the ground too for leaving us the evidence. The evidence you see on a Scottish Basket Hilt sword documented from the Scottish 1745 Uprising or even decades before to the earlier Uprising.


John Allan basket hilt-Symbolism

What does it mean and why would Hopkinson choose this symbol at the time of the American Revolution. Either way you turn this image, like the Hopkinson flag design. Your get the star pattern 3-2-3-2-3 design. This sword is documented and there are others documented to the original sword maker existing from Scotland.

the basic symbolism is identical to the origins of the Banabas Webb Horn document I wrote in the past that represents the Scottish Stuart Sovereigns and the past Sovereigns and their ORDER OF KNIGHTS! The English Order of the Garter, which is the King as the Sovereign knight and his 12 appointed Knights. Documented in the British government websotes this factual history that the number 13 with the Order of the Garter. Represented the King as Jesus and the 12 knights, representing the 12 apostles who followed the Savior Jesus Christ. So the English Sovereign history established the order of Garter and After that the Scottish Sovereigns also had the Order of the Thistle. The Scottish Version of the Order of the Garter. We are seeing the history of the Order of the Thistle symbolism, “13 stars” representing the same thing with the symbolism of the Garter.

So these two orders are created as far back to the 1348 fisrt with the garter and then folowed by the Thistles established by King James VII in 1687. Now we have Hopkinson design origins and what whas he trying to tell us about the design? The 3-2-3-2-3 design represents where the origins of the United States Sovereignty originates, WITH THE ORIGINAL SOVEREIGNS! EXCEPT, WE HAVE THE STUART KINGS DAUGHTER With the House of Hanover who exiles Her Father and the Hanoverians adopted or took over the oders of the Garter and Thistle. When the Exiled Schootish Prince, though exiled still carried on those order with his Sovereign rights, while exiled!

So the true Sovereign Kings are exiled, the Hanovarians take over and appoint their own orders of the Ruling Soveriengs with their Appointed King. Hopkinson was identifying where the US Soverign flag originates, among the exiled ruling class of the House of Stuart and the House of Hanover, the history of the Stuart Kings daughter exiling him and taking power of the thrown with her Dutch boy Prince from Holland!

No matter what, the same symbolism is to the Garter and their 8 pointed blazing star they wear on their jackets is the same symbolism to the Webb Horn 8 pointed star and stripes flag. The Order followed the belief of the symbolism to the Dog Star. This is were Freemasonry adopted this history symbolism because the Stuarts Kings Charted FREEMASONRY!

Recap on the origins: Hopkinson created the said first US flag design called the 3-2-3-2-3 star pattern and 13 red and whites stripes. The design is a basic origins of where US Sovereignty originates, to the order of the Garter. the King and his 12 knights for 13 stars and stripes! The Webb Horn is an 8 pointed star of the order of the Garter symbolism history with seven stripes to represent Jame VII who was exiled, who founded Thistle and was the Sovereign of the Garter too! The 8 pointed star symbolism of the Garter and Thistel s the same origins history with the belief that we humans originate from the star Sirius or the Dog Star that is ancient belief passed down from the ancient people before Christ from the ancient world. SO DO NOT BLAME MASONS FOR ALL THE BS CONSPIRACY THE ONLY ONE EXISTING WAS BETWEEN TWO RULING HOUSES OF SOVEREIGNS WHOS HISTORY ASSOCIATE THE FOUNDING OF THE UNITED STATES!

Jacobite ‘Glasgow’ basket-hilted sword designed by James Allen. Reporduced with the permission of the owner Todd Salazar. Sword known to be made for one fo the Scottish member of the Order of Thistle.

Big Stick Teddy’s Winchester 1876 & Masonic Number Serial Numbers!

The Image below is Teddy’s 1876, provided by Doug Turnbull who I thank for the images he  used to make his historical series of duplicate Roosevelt Model 1876 rifles. The images used did advance the study in authenticating the Roosevelt 1892 by the entire Ulrich who engraved the 1892 Apache Scout 44-40.


Here I would Like to quote from the scholarly written firearms book “Winchester Repeating Arms Company” by Herb Houze.

“Right receiver of a Winchester Model 1876 rifle, serial number 38647 with panel scenes engraved by John Ulrich and originally owned by Theodore Roosevelt.”

This opens the entire doors to better understanding how important numbers are in Freemasonry. Even when the Ulrich’s selected a gun to engrave for Teddy Roosevelt years before he became a Mason. The Winchester engravers selected a gun with the number 47.

Masonic websites have open reading material on the internet that addresses the importance of numbers for Masons. Numbers are an integral part of the identity history with Masonry. The Roosevelt 1882 44-40 Apache Scout rifle has the “47 Euclid symbolism” with the Horses legs crossed, as seen on the very important Colt exihibition pistols engraved by the Ulrichs.

Regardless, if the serial number is a number selected for an up an coming politician who was expected to become a Mason. We do know this rifle was sent back five times to the factory. Did the Ulrich’s add all the symbolism art at that point or when it was first engraved, Common sense would say after!

When it comes to Masons and numbers, only the individuals connected to the Masonic Art Guilds were more advanced, because they were “Privy” to ancient history, geometry among the families of the ancient guilds.


Remember that I am the first person to TRANSLATE the information of Herman Ulrich’s association was with the American Banknote Company. This information significance is and was over the heads of the top Winchester Historian heads, right back to the New Engraving Guilds Historian today with guns! Tranlates that the Ulrichs were connected to the ancient guilds to the Scottish engraver Rober Scot, the offical 2nd engraver of the US Mint for life. Scot who founded the banknote company, Scot who planted Joseph Wright as the first US Mint engraver but died into in his first year in service from Yellow Fever! Anyhow, these artists of the ancient guilds controlled everything and numbers for them was taken more serious than your average Blue Lodge Christian Mason. The Ulrich founding father in the United States, I have reason to believe he was a hardcore Alchemist historian with the families manipulating the control of his educated study from Germany. One theory is that the German Ulrich’s are directly related to the Scottish guilds since ancient times, but for sure with the Scottish Uprisings and the connections to Prince Rupert and the families of the Stuarts!

Winchester Hidden Masonic Symbolism:Vesica Piscis

The image below is a rifle sold at James Julia and this rifle was ccompanied by a letter from Winchester Custom shop engraver, Pauline Muerrle, where-in she authenticates the engraving as being by John Ulrich. Pauline and I had talked in the past, it was not a positive conversation because she got “VERY” upset when I addressed that the Wichester engravers were all Mason who incorporated masonic symbolism in their engravings on Winchesters. Pauline was not happy and brought up there was no Masonic conspiracy with any art on Winchesters. Well Pauline, your very wrong and over looked the values of many guns you were paid to document. Meaning, many people who sold their rifles with their Masonic symbolism not identified, lost money or their rifles were misidentifed not as Ulrich unsigned guns, but all have many makers marks on them regardless.John Ulrich-Masonic Pisca.jpg

The double oval engraving before the hammer is the Masonic version of the Vesica Piscis. This is the first time ANY PERSON PRESENTED THIS INFORMATION OVER LOOKED BY ALL THE TOP PAID WINCHESTER IDENTIFICATION EXPERTS! The next post will show another John Ulrich engraved Yellowboy with the Vesica Piscis. What makes it stand out from all the Vesica Piscis found on Colts and Winchesters by the Ulrich’s. Would be that the rifle show not one Vesica Piscis, but 11 individual Vesica Piscis with Masonic an Seeing Eye and the Masonic Pyramid as part of the symbolism. This very important art is the other part of the Masonic geometry I presented on the Roosevelt “Apache Scout” 1892 Winchester called the Past Masters Jewels symbolism called the “47th Problem of Euclid”! Again, not one auction house, not one Winchester authority has yet to acknowledge that they “DO NOT IDENTIFY MASONIC ART BY THE ULRICHS”!

NOTE: COLLECTORS SELLING GUNS ARE “LOSING BIG MONEY” WHEN SELLING THEIR ULRICH GUNS BECAUSE THE EXPERTS ARE NOT DOCUMENTING THE ENGRAVINGS OF THE GUNS. BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT EDUCATED IN MASONIC GUILD ART! Think about how many millions of dollars are being lost in the sales if these guns over the years because no experts are Masonic Guild Symbolism Authorities!

Winchester serial number 38035 SOLD AS A DOCUMENTED JOUHN ULRICH rifle for $13000 USD. What if it was sold with the added documented evidence that it was and Ulrich Masonic engraving with the Ulrich’s Lodge number 88 identified at the time it sold! My theory on this is that it would have sold for thousands of dollars more!


SN 38035. Cal. 44 RF Henry. Rare Ulrich engraved ’66 with 24-1/4′ oct bbl, full magazine, unusual Rocky Mountain style front sight with brass base in the dovetail, and a reproduction Henry ladder rear sight missing its slide. It has 2-line Winchester & King’s Patent address. Mounted with uncheckered American walnut with about 2 to 3X figured forearm and straight grain uncheckered buttstock with straight grip and crescent brass buttplate with trap. Left side of lower tang, under the wood, is marked “XXX” and “GO” Left side of upper tang, under the wood, is engraved “J.U.” the signature of Winchester chief master engraver John Ulrich. Bottom of the stock and forend cap have factory sling swivels. Receiver, forend cap and buttplate tang are beautifully engraved in Mr. Ulrich’s very distinctive patterns which consist of deep intertwined foliate arabesque patterns that has very fine pearled background. Left side plate is engraved with a mythical wolf’s head and the right side incorporates an eagles head and a flower blossom. Left side plate has an open scalloped-edge panel and the right side, an open rnd panel. Both front side flats are beautifully engraved in matching geometric patterns and all engraving has dbl borders. Various engraving patterns extend over the top & bottom of the receiver & top tang with matching patterns on the forend cap and buttplate tang. Very few John Ulrich engraved firearms were signed in this manner, most known examples were signed, either on the bottom tang in tiny stamped letters. The engraving patterns on this rifle are very similar to another 1866 rifle being sold elsewhere in this auction. That rifle also has the unusual signature on the top tang. Accompanied by a letter from Winchester Custom shop engraver, Pauline Muerrle, where-in she authenticates the engraving as being by John Ulrich, and states that it is unusual to have a signed piece of his work and that it is also an excellent example. CONDITION: Poor to fair. Buttplate could not be removed to check for matching numbers. Any number that may have been in the top tang channel of the buttstock has been obliterated. Bbl and magazine tube retain traces of orig blue, being mostly a worn, mottled, plummy-brown patina with scattered fine pitting. Receiver shows heavy edge wear with a few light nicks & scratches, has tight side plates and overall retains a dark mustard patina. Buttplate and forend cap have matching patina. Lever and hammer are a dark brown patina. Buttstock has a crack behind the top tang, another small crack in left side of wrist, a couple long scratches on the left side and shows heavy wear and battering, a dark hand worn patina and heavily rusted sling swivel. Forend cap sling swivel is also rusted. Forearm has a crack on the left side and is missing sections on each side of the bbl channel and shows very heavy wear with hand worn patina. Old replacement rear sight is loose in the base and shows heavy rust. Mechanics are fine, worn dark bore with good rifling. 4-49364 JR287

John Ulrich Engraves Masonic Lodge Number 88 found on 2nd Winchester Yellowboy.

In the past I presented the Yellowboy that has the US National Coat of Arms that you can see below showing the number 88. The fist image below was sold at Jamrs Julia auction house SN38035. The rifle is fully documented to being engraved by John Ulrich who left a massive set of JU letter initials on the tang.

You can see below the two half number 8’s for 88! This again adds factual evidence that represents the Ulrich Lodge number 88 in Hartford, CT. that the Ulrichs were members. Prior to moving to New Haven, CT. with Winchester.

Note: The 2nd image below also show the number 47, which represents the Masonic 47 Euclid history. The next post will cover the new symbolism discovered on Winchesters that the Ulrichs engraved on a few Winchesters. The symbolism discovered is the other half of the Masonic Geometry that goes with the 47 Euclid geometry.John Ulrich 88 Engraving.jpgULRICH MASONIC YELLOWBOY