The United States Flag-Documented Red & White Stripes – Royal Stuart Admiralty Origins

It’s been quite an amazing few weeks with Connecting the dots with online searches that has now allowed the factual origins and usage of the United States flags, stripes originated.

My hat off and a bow to the President of the North American Vexillology Association, Mr. Peter Ansoff & Mr. Bryson DeLear for their work that inspired me to step back waist deep with flag research.

Never thought I would ever find this documentation that involves Charles II, brother James Stuart the Duke of York being appointed as the High Lord Admiral. The documentation posted below covers the factual adoption of the red and white stripes flag. This was written into Admiralty/Naval law and dated. Also we see the direct connections of the Penn Family and why his grandson, William Penn. Placed ship flying the Striped Union flag in the engraved Philadelphia harbor scene.

This find also confirms the joint combined symbolism of both Charles and the snake eating it’s tail and why Jacobites place the snake and stripes on the rare buttons being attributed to James. Who later became the exiled and deposed King, after he took the thrown.

Flag researchers have only had this documentation showing the striped flag being called the Stuart Royal Ensign. Until this document was found by me, today!

This is all that was known about its link to the Stuarts by a source

Below, shows James placing it into service and how it was flown. Now the entire work I have done over 20 years of research on the United States flag origins is 100% complete! Yes the American Stars and Stripes is the direct origins to the Stuarts.

Note: the Stuarts are DNA African, Sahara desert people. They became knights with william the Conqueror and became the Kings of the British realm.

Above is the documented source and below is the written story and source location.

Just to mention again, when George Washington raised the Striped Union flag at Prospect Hill. He did not create any design. This flag is 100% a Stuart Royal original. GW raises the flag at Prospect Hill to show the British when the American Sovereignty or their British sovereignty originated, period! The United States used a flag that preserved their true sovereignty history and British subjects of the true deposed Kings and only let the imposter families know it. Pretty simple story….

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