1794 US Silver Dollar Sold For $10M USD

Recently, I have posted a great deal on the symbolism of how the Jacobites in the US Art guild had always incorporated all of their political art that dates back to the time of the 1650’s with King Charles I & II. Felt this would be a good time to show you Roberts Scots hidden symbolism and a very special hidden caricature animal face portrait that is exceptionally hard to do on a coin. This was standard practice on many coins and historical medals, including historical government seals. Even on guns they were most often done in shading, like the one I posted with the tree showing the symbolism related to Charles II hiding up in the Royal Oak tree, when he was being hunted down by the British government soldiers during his escape to flee to France.

Below is the most expensive US Silver dollar ever sold. You can see that lady Liberty has her eyes focused up, but at what? The Letter T in liberty was manipulated and symbolizes the Royal Oak with Charles II and the letter “E” in Liberty is the Factual symbol of the York Rite Freemasons. Several posts back I did a detailed write up on the US early gold coins showing the “E” Emanuel symbol and the York Rite Symbol being used on US coins. The great find here is the odd ball caricature face you see when the coin is inverted.  My next coming up story will cover the similar, odd ball caricatures faces found on 1792 Indian Peace medals, never before presented to the public. Thanks to David Fegley’s special cameras we can now show Charles II’s face between the tree on the 1792 “JW” George Washington Indian Peace medal. Now I figured that its common to find these caricature faces on coins and medals. Like I showed you on the rifles with caricatures shaded and on these coins. Often the metal gets worn off over time and only the best surviving examples can show them clearly. Here is a good one, American Indians who were presented Silver peace medals did the most god awful thing when they shined their medals. They rubbed wet sand on them to polish their medals, thus destroying the many caricature, cartoon type or exquisite portrait shaded images on them! Enjoy the new finds…

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