1789 George Washington Silver Oval Indian Peace Medal Findings!

This is the first time I ever bothered to look at these devalued gems! Why are the 1789 oval peace medals with Washington dressed in Ancient Greek military fashion never getting any real big money, like the 1792 medals? Again, its because the numismatic experts do not follow symbolism or esoteric symbolism and most definitely have no idea with making the connection with British and European history. Pictured below is a fine example image of the 1789 medal.


Pictured above we see the Indian chief and George dressed in Greek clothing and a spear on the ground with a shield along side with the face. There is a good bunch of worn esoteric art on the entire medal. Except there is a basic art trick that was accomplished by this artist that no scholar has figured out until today!  Notice the ground and when I rotate the image what happens and look at the numbers 1789. The 8 is actually upside down and meant to be inverted when you read it!


The ground is an actual tree trunk and the  Face represents King Charles II, who was hiding in the Royal Oak tree with his famous escape to France. Now look at the date numbers, you see the number 68 is larger than the one and the seven. The symbology is referring to another famous treaty that involved Charles II converting his faith over from being a Protestant to being a Catholic. Peace Treaties with American Indians had always involved converting heathens into Christians. So basically I would say that I nailed the missing story of the 1789 Peace medals hidden symbology, which is pretty basic Imagery that tells an older story one hundred years later. When it was first exposed to historians.

THE MAKING OF THE SECRET TREATY OF DOVER, negotiations began 1689 & was signed in 1670

Charles II

The Treaty of Dover, also known as the Secret Treaty of Dover, was a treaty between England and France signed at Dover on 1 June[1] 1670. It required that Charles II of England would convert to the Roman Catholic Church and assist Louis XIV with 60 warships to help and 4000 soldiers in France’s war of conquest against the Dutch Republic. In exchange, Charles would secretly receive a yearly pension of £230,000, as well as an extra sum of money when Charles informed the English people of his conversion, and France would send 6,000 French troops if there was ever a rebellion against Charles in England. The secret treaty was signed by Arlington, Arundell, Clifford and Bellings for England and Colbert de Croissy for France. Both kings exchanged letters of ratification and kept secret the existence of the treaty,[2] A public treaty of Dover was also negotiated, but it was a fake designed for propaganda and to hide the religious dimension of the secret treaty. The Third Anglo-Dutch War was a direct consequence of this treaty.[3] The actual treaty was published by historians a century later

Few international agreements have provoked more controversy among historians than that concluded at Dover, on 22 May 1668-70 by representatives of the English and French Crowns. Its main provisions were for an offensive war against the Dutch republic of the United Provinces, leading to its destruction as a European power, and for the public profession by the English king, Charles II, of the Roman Catholic faith, which had been regarded by most English people for a hundred years as the bitterest enemy of their own church. The existence of this treaty was concealed not only from the other European states and the subjects of the respective monarchs, but from the greater number of their own ministers. The motives of Charles in making this amazing pact have remained a mystery. In the present century, they have been represented by Sir Keith Feiling as an attempt to unite Catholics and Protestant dissenters as a foundation for a stronger monarchy; by Cyril Hartmann, K. H. D. Haley, David Ogg and Lady Antonia Fraser as a decision to hitch England to the fortunes of Europe’s strongest state, France; by Sir Arthur Bryant as a wish to ensure his country a share of the Spanish empire and his throne a dependable group of supporters in the form of the Catholics; by Maurice Lee and J. R. Jones as a grand design to make himself independent of his subjects in general and of parliament in particular; and by John Miller as a desire for vengeance upon the Dutch.

For my Gun Engraving followers, here we see the guild engravers with Winchester in the 1900’s. Where the artists place the head of King Charles in a tree that is shaded to symbolize the same thing of Charles hiding in the Royal Oak. There are many examples by artist doing this with Charles II image in or on Oak trees. Below is an example of a Winchester rifle showing an outstanding shaded image of the head of Charles II. Remember that Robert Scot the top guild artist, who was secretly representing the Jacobite cause. Controlled the American art guild and taught this art to be passed down from peace medals to the gun artist from the 1800’s into the early 1900’s! The top gun artists worked for Scots company the American Banknote Company that still exists making every security aspects of all credit and bank cards today! The head is clearly seen on the trunk, the leaf is a Jacobite butterfly represent the Stuarts and the other leaf is an “E” for Emmanuel. Hear  me loud and clear, many engraved relics and guns have these shaded art caricatures and over time they get wiped clean. So when you think yo see a face or an animal on a gun, you most likely are and that its been wipe or worn down from cleaning over the many years.








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