Exhibit “A” Winchester Engraver Jasper Salerno places Masonic Symbol on the “A” of his last name. Which holds an All Seeing Eye in the center!

Right rear edge of floor plate has the engravers signature “JSALERNO”, Jasper Salerno, Winchester factory engraver. The “A” in his signature is a stylized square & compass Masonic symbol, paying tribute to Mr. Salerno’s membership in that fraternal organization. Note if you look close at the symbol, you see its an All Seeing Eye. Look at the two eyes in the scroll work to the left of Jaspers name! Jasper appears to be one of the last to be so bold with pride to place his fraternity symbolism! This rifle was sold by James Julia Auction House in Fairfield, Maine. James Julia preserves one of the finest archives that people can go study the history of Firearm’s with images and compiled information known on the firearms being sold by the James Julia Firearms team! NOTE: THE TWO SCROLLS TO THE LEFT OF J. SALERNO ARE TWO EYES! THEY ARE WATCHING….

SN 424482. Cal. 30-06.  salerno

Rare Firearms – James D. Julia Auctioneers
The most spectacular, rare and valuable firearms are found at Julia’s auctions. … Every year in March, two separate firearms auction companies conduct firearm auctions back to back in Fairfield, Maine & do not forget to go to their wonderful archive!

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