Herman Ulrich’s Makers Mark’s Found on both the Roosevelt 1876 and 1892 Winchester’s.

In the study of engravings over the years I have found that many people are not able to see the smaller makers marks. This find in rediscovering Hermans Ulrich’s maker marks are found on is Colt pistol engravings and on several other Winchesters documented to Herman Ulrich. What is uniques is that these marks are identical in design. Three of these marks are found on TR’s 1876 and two are clearly found on TR’s 1892.  These marks that are bold letters ” UH “and seen as “HU”! Colt’s engraver contacted Leslie Ulrich in the 1950’s and asked about Leslies fathers makers marks and Leslie said his marks were 1/16th on an inch in size. Where these are found as what appears to be scratch marks often. Except, each Ulrich had 3-4 different personalized letter makers marks and a variation of their own punch marks.


Herman Ulrich-Roosevelt.jpg

3 thoughts on “Herman Ulrich’s Makers Mark’s Found on both the Roosevelt 1876 and 1892 Winchester’s.

  1. i recently inherited a family heirloom 1920 Winchester model 12 acquired by my great grandfather in 1920. He was very well off at the time, an avid competition shooter and hunter, and at a show he apparently was able to work out a deal with the Winchester demonstration team to buy a gun they said was not for sale. This involved dinner together with my Grandfather, whose name was George Conrad Weiler (maybe a reason they hit it off? Conrad Ulrich, Alden George Ulrich? Germanic descent)

    He traded his current model 12 along with $300 and was able to get this model 12. After researching here I am seeing some things that look similar. The Retrievers legs on one side make a 4, while one of the quail/grouse that can see the dog has a very triangular shape head and looks like the all seeing eye. I also found some very interesting/random markings on the front of the action.

    I have been posting on forums hoping someone would chime in with ideas of who might have engraved it.
    Do you have an email I could send pictures to? Here is the album on imgur


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