The tavern sign of Aaron Bissell, where the early Masonic Meetings in Hartford took place. The Bull design was preserved & used on Coltfirearm’s pistol grips. This pistol was made by William H. Gough, Master engraver with Colt.

Colt scholars will never see this one coming! When you would think a bull placed on grips was to entice the sales of Colt firearms out west. In reality the bull is the symbol of the tavern logo where the first Masonic meetings were held in Hartford, Connecticut.

NOTE: Almost in the bulls left ear socket is the Masonic symbol “E” that is a clean cut as it gets in seeing the symbol.  This particular sign represented the tavern called “The Bull’s Head” in East Windsor, Connecticut. Evidence of this can be placed from the auction notices for Aaron Bissell, Jr.’s estate in 1836. They provide a detailed description of his extensive landholdings, which ran from the Hartford road to the Connecticut River on the west and the Scantic River on the north, with “the road to Bissell’s Ferry running across said land.” South of the Ferry road “is the place so long and so well known as Bissell’s Tavern; 105 acres of land, with a House, three large barns, and out-Buildings convenient for a large Tavern, and as good a place for such an establishment as any in the country.” North of the Ferry road, opposite the old homestead, was Bissell’s “country seat,” a two-story brick house built in 1813. Pay close attention to the symbolism in the eyes? The right eye ball on the sign and grip!ColtGoughAaron Bissell Tavern Sign

HERE IS A LINK TO THE HISTORY OF THE HARTFORD LODGES! Lodge 88 is also the “Ulrich Families” ealy lodge in association Colt & Winchester Firearms artists. The sign above resides at the Connecticut Historical Society, the name board was changed.

Click to access a%20history%20of%20morningstar%20lodge%20no.%2028%20a.f.a.m%20reduced.pdf

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