Apotropaic Magic Symbolism Found on Ulrich Engraved Winchesters. Including Theodore Roosevelt’s 1892!



IMG_1484Apotropaic magic (from Greek apotrepein “to ward off” from apo- “away” and trepein “to turn”) is a type of magic intended to turn away harm or evil influences, as in deflecting misfortune or averting the evil eye. Apotropaic observances may also be practiced out of vague superstition or out of tradition, as in good luck charm (perhaps some token on a charm bracelet), amulets, or gestures such as crossed fingers or knocking on wood. There are many different symbol design’s. The image of the Newport Tower in Rhode Island on the left shows the center of the W making an X. Having done an investigative study on the tower. Many double x’s where discovered on the tower called “Witch Marks”  found on doorways, chimneys, window arches and on floor boards to ward of spirits. This was a common practice in the UK to see these symbols even at churches. Several locations in England and Scotland have excellant examples of buildings with this ancient symbolism fully documented. King James I of Scotlandexcellent, England and Ireland was very superstitious after a plot on his life that before he went to stay at one of his homes for a time that he had many talisman protection marks placed all over the house. You can read the interesting article on the James.

‘Witch-marks’ to ward off evil spirits discovered at National Trust house …
http://www.telegraph.co.uk › News › News Topics › How about that?
The Daily Telegraph
Nov 5, 2014 – 17th century ‘witch marks’ hidden beneath floorboards of National Trust … carved the marks in anticipation of a visit from King James I with the …

Auspice Maria This symbol consisting of the intertwined letters A and M, is called Auspice Maria, a monogram the Virgin Mary. Auspice Maria is Latin for “Under the protection of Mary” and is commonly found in Catholic religious art, on churches, and inscribed on jewelry. It is sometimes (incorrectly) referred to or used as a stand-in for the salutation “Ave maria.” This symbolism is found dating back to the 12th century with Commanderies of the Knights Templar & Knight’s of Malta. This also reflects the Logo symbolism of William & Mary Collage in the design letter initials of those sovereign’s. The earliest relic of the “M” ever found to date in America on American soil that is 400 years old. A silver religious box believed to be the containing the bones of a Saint, called a Reliquary. For those interested THERE IS AN AUSPICE ON THIS BOX. To the left of the M is the XX.

Reliquary Jamestown

Some of the earliest confirmed Colonial American Apotropaic symbols found, associated to weapons in America. Had been presented by scholars with the North Carolina “Black Beard-Queen Annes” ship wreck Museum. Discovered Apotropaic marks on a few of the lead sheets that covered the wick holes to prevent accidental discharge of loaded cannon on the infamous Pirate Captains ship, Edward Teach, aka Black Beard. May I thank the Museum for this image they sent me below. The academics proved these marks are talisman symbols placed on these lead sheets to protect the buccaneer gunners. The yellow arrow points to a slanted auspice XX, the red arrow points to an inverted M and the blue arrow points to a symbol the academics at the museum could not figure out! The image looks like a cut that is stitched up! This special gem is a cipher that Masons would place messages called a Pig Pen cipher. They would use numbers, dots or symbols on in the grid that corresponds with letters.

NOTE: For Winchester Rifle researchers! Go look at the famous factory smoke plate panels that show the deer jumping over the fallen log. Some higher end Winchesters do have the artist placing ciphers in the grid of the trees. One detailed one, can be seen on President Theodore Roosevelt’s 1876  Winchester . Another stylized version of this on standing trees by Ulrich’s. Has been found on TR’s 1892. The cipher line grid below is seen on many guild engraved relics of the 18th & 19th century. Many ciphers were invented in America on relics by the Philadelphia engravers. Even on the US Mint’s million dollar “George Washington Indian Peace Medals found on trees and on the feathers of arrow’s in the talons of the Eagle/Phoenix!


Teddy Roosevelt’s 1876 Winchester with the Tree cipher grids. Even the deer has a fair about of symbols on the legs and hoof’s.

TR-1876 Panels1

Several fully documented “Ulrich” Winchesters sold at known auction houses for six figure numbers. Still have the images online to see Apotropaic magic symbolism on the tang’s in excellent hi-resolution. Below, five paragraphs I copied from a UK site on architecture that covers the core history of the marks found on American engraved rifles and many other art guild associated relics for hundreds of years.  Revert back to the first images of this blog and see the Newport Tower Stone and look at this image below with the  W having the V in the center. The Newport Image is one of only a few dozen I found overlooked by researchers. If scholars even knew the history of the builds


Posted in: LASSCO News, LASSCO Three Pigeons, News 2013 Note the v on top, in the center ov the W. Several fully documented Ulrich Yellow-boys, signed by the Ulrich’s have these marks. Consisting of symbols (XX, WW, O, P, M, AVM, AVMVV)! Your just seeing the tip of the iceberg with the identification of  Winchester & Colt Firearms, over looked by scholars. Teddy Roosevelt’s 1892 has several several talisman marks. Which you will see in this blog post. Symbols “4AVM, WW and AVMVV” are totally out of place, compared to the to older ones on Ulrich Tangs, found on Yellow-boy’s. The location and shading method is the difference. The Ulrich’s on the 1892, shaded these symbols on this silver, nickel metal that was finished. Meaning its like taking a shading eraser and buffing the surface of a piece of finished jewelry. History states that after Roosevelt’s 1910’s South America excursion, her was very sick. This may be a very important connection to why these added mojo symbols were placed on Roosevelt’s 1892 Apache Scout and Plains People panels of Tr’s winchester.

Back to the British  write up from a 2013 study…In England…

QUOTE” From around 1550 to 1750 apotropaic markings are thought to have been widespread. In an age when the Church was in turmoil and printing was in its infancy – local, superstitious, hocus-pocus belief systems were deeply entrenched. Rural life was thick with measures to keep evil at bay. Then “Witches” were being tried, often involving ducking or weighing, and ultimately, tragically, “cured” through barbarous means … or burned.

At home, it was thought that with doors barred and windows shuttered – variously against the cold and the intruders and the evil – that the chimney, open to the sky, was vulnerable – particularly for incursions of the evil. Witches, you see, could turn themselves into birds or bats. Even James I included the subject in his 1597 treatise “Daemonologie”,

“For some of them sayeth that being transformed in the likeness of a little beast or fowl, they will come and pierce through, whatever house or church, though all ordinary passages be closed, by whatsoever open(ing) the air may enter in at.”

You can pick up remnants of these occult superstitions even today whether it be in nailed-up horse-shoes, genuflections to magpies, vampire stories (n.b their trouble with thresholds), or, dare I say it, Father Christmas himself.

If you live in a timber-framed house dating back earlier than the eighteenth century look out for scratchings on the bressumer beam, sometimes only very lightly inscribed at the top corners of the fireplace, like the scratching of a cat. Look for a repeated “W” – thought to be a double “V” for “Virgo Virginum”. Look for daisy wheels – a circular device with petals, or runic symbols – a “P” incorporating a cross, or a “W” incorporating a “P”. Look for two verticals with a “Saltire” cross between them – a motif also much used on iron door latches and bolts and wrought iron firedogs (St Andrew was considered the best hex against witches particularly in Northern England and Scotland).

Gary Notes” These symbols are seen on many Ulrich yellow-boy tangs and or stamped in the wood. Catalogers and historians refer to symbols as such, as being marks of fitters(housing/levers) and or inspectors marks! Except the variations found on Ulrich tangs, presented in images by Rock Island and James Julia Auction houses, prove that specific marks are occult that is indisputable. The reader must note that these auction houses have established archives of images that have become now very important in the advancements of why this history is being found on documented guns by the Ulrich’s! Yes, I tip my hat off to Rock Island and James Julia for the archives of very important images of the evidence that has advanced Firearms engraving history today! This creates a new market in the study of documented sold rifles in the past. Where specific art symbolism by theIMG_2207 engravers may make a $2k USD gun be worth tens of thousands. Many big money documented Ulrich rifles sold in the past may show translated ciphers and can skyrocket the sale value in the future. The historical gun markets in the worst economy will still command great value, dollar for dollar! Even in a horrific economy today and one thats coming in the near future!

THEODORE ROSSEVELT 1892 Winchester Apotropaic Protection Symbols ApotropaicTR


NOTE: The imagewith the gold wire work is “AVMVV” which I had to contact the engraver student of Alvin A. White to confirm this was no letter initials or any work to do with him. This AVMVV is one of the best ever seen Apotropaic marks ever found on an Ulrich rifle!

009 copy 2IMG_2057IMG_2205010 copy







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