Robert Scot-Great Seal prosed Design

Numismatic historians have been clueless to the true secrets of the US Mint’s factual history. Here I am going to briefly educate you to the truth.

Pictured above is one of the proposed United States Great Seals that was rejected by Great Seal Committee. The American depicted in the image holding flute is a representation of George Washington. Note the constellation of stars on the flag that represents GW’s flag design. Note the Scottish Jacobite White Rose on the generals hat, symbolic to being a follower of the exiled Bonnie Prince Charles Edward Stuart.

The Zoroastrian Fire-Pillar represents the identical fire pillar symbolism found at the Scotstarvet Tower in Scotland as seen below! Scotstarvet was the home of the Scottish Director of Chancery and was the head of the Privy Council to , Sir John Scot of Scotstarvet.

Sir John Scot, Lord Scotstarvet (1585–1670), was a Scottish laird, advocate, judge, politician and author. He was Director of Chancery and a Lord of Session. His surname is often spelt as Scot, and Scotstarvet is also spelt as Scotstarvet or Scotstarver. Sir John was the only Scott from the line of the Scot’s Buccleuch to distinguish his surname with one letter “T” in representation to his hereditary titles in the government with the Scottish Crown.scotstarvit 003

Sir John Scots father mother is Margaret Acheson, the daughter of  Alexander Acheson of Gosford accused of murder, who changed his name with his land titles. Alexander was the son of Alexander Sinclair of Gosford and Marion Cockburn. Who are the St. Clair’s of Herdmanston and are the famous Acheson’s who ran the Scottish Mint and were the line of Coiners named Acheson associated to the Scottish Royal Mint for nearly 150 years! The same Acheson line held the “IRISH” Directorship of Chancery, like their direct family member Sir John Scot with Scotland. Acheson Masonic Lodge of Salt Preston holds the earliest known Masonic records in the world and this is the Lodge founded by the same Acheson family in this document.


US Numismatic historians “think” that when the US Mint’s first official engraver Joseph Wright died in 1793. The US Government replaced Joseph with Robert Scot because he was the only person could do the job and that the US Government did not want to hire foreign die sinkers! Well, the truth is that the Scottish had control over most of the US Government in the early stages when the US Government was founded!

The very first US Coins have been criticized for being a scrawny Eagle and that Scot could not even sculpt dies or animals well! The truth is Scot was more than capable and the early US Eagle Coins were not Eagles, they were designed as a Phoenix. Representing the rebirth of the House of Stuart in America, symbolic to the Bonnie Prince Charlie being the American Sovereign. All the Early US Great Seals, represent the same thing and when the exiled Prince was born, a song representing his birth involves the Phoenix. The future hope for the true Sovereigns to one day remove their foes, the Hanoverians and take their rightful place as the Kings of the United Kingdom, which includes America!

Scot was not a watch maker, his father was a skilled master clockmaker and the founder of the Scots Masonic Lodge of Cannongate. Better known as the Masonic Artists Lodge, where the 1745 Up-Rising or Jacobite War to restore the Bonnie Prince was planned and launched from that Lodge in Edinburgh.

Patience Wright and 1794 cent

Numismatic historians can now understand why so little exists on any personal history of Robert Scot, other than the art that survives today. Now understanding that Roberts families were “Secret Jacobites”! Please note this regarding Joseph Wright and his early scandal days in England with his mother. Wright mother is said to have been a spy who was loyal to the Scottish cause. She is depicted in a drawing with a Liberty Pole and Cap. Coin historians do not even realize that the Liberty Pole & Cap is propaganda symbolism introduced in England by the exiled Bonnie Prince Charlie before, during and after the last Up-Rising by the Jacobites. Patience did not show the Liberty Cap and pole to represent personal Liberty. She presented the Liberty Cap and Pole to represent her true “Sovereign” being the exiled Prince of Scotland. What did Patience do to get herself in trouble with the English Crown while sculpting that involved her son? Who was the sculpted on-looker?

The original last will of Robert Scot’s grandfather, George Scot of Pitlochie give factual evidence that he was the grandson of Sir John Scot (Clan Chief of the Scott Family)and that the famous artist, Richard Cooper was Robert Scots fathers teacher. The document is posted on Electric Scotland!

The Numismatic Circular – Volumes 5-7 – Page 379

1897 – ‎Read – ‎More editions
ACHESON, THOMAS (Brit.), succeeded his father as Master of the Mint of Scotland, under James VI. B act of Parliament, 1580-81, the working of the mint was let for three years to a commission of which “ Thomas Aitchesoun ” was a member.

The Numismatic Chronicle and Journal of the Royal … – Page 277

1923 – ‎Snippet view – ‎More editions
!I Mint Accounts, Audit Office, Bundle 1595, Roll 7. a It appears from these Mint Accounts, Bundle 1595, Roll 6, that Rutlinger and … John Acheson was a member of the family who worked at the Scottish Mint between 1525 and 1611.

The British Numismatic Journal: Including the Proceedings …

1981 – ‎Snippet view – ‎More editions
In round figures, those given in the Hopetoun manuscript, by the mintmaster, are as follows: John Acheson, 2 1 July 1 559 to 7 June … the royal profit from the coinage of bullion from other sources, or the receipt of fixed sums when the mint was farmed, we cannot be … December 1558 to June 1560— foreign gold and silver brought NOTES ON THE VICIT LEO TESTOONS OF MARY QUEEN OF SCOTS 83.



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