Joseph Wright’s Hidden Initial’s

Joseph Wright found a unique style of incorporating his letter initials in most all of the surviving art relics he made. The earliest found art showing this amazing style is found on the early engraving he made “Yankee Doodle or the American Satan” he made while learning his craft at the Royal Art Society, under supervision of Benjamin West.

Joseph Wright-Engraving-Browns

Wright learned how to incorporate his own personalized letter initial’s “JJW or JW” for Joseph Jr. Wright into his art. Excellent examples are seen on the Yankee Doodle engraving and also found on the General Arthur St. Clair flag pictured below. The back of the birds neck, the high lighted feather outlines are his signature “JJW” hidden makers marks.

St Clair (1)

Below is another flag Wright painted with Robert Scot. Col. John Proctors flag. The “JJW” is found through out the entire snakes scales. The flag was in the Craig families possession and were the flag bearers of the Militia. The Craig’s came to America with Robert Patterson,   an educator and a Director of the US Mint. Wright also painted the Rhode Island Snake flag of the Providence Militia, preserved in the Rhode Island Historical Society Collection.

Don't Tread On Me!

Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania (U.S.) Colonel John Proctor’s 1st Battalion

Right now the Numismatic Community have initiated “Debate” with Wrights style of hiding his letter initials in his historical medals commissioned by the US Mint. This researcher welcomes “Debate” on this subject of Joseph Wright. Where vast documents have been prepared to show the documented art works by Wright. Showing that most all of his art has his hidden makers marks incorporated in the design! Found on several Numismatic relics he made, most all of his paintings, his few engravings and even on the known Washington sculptures he made. So vast and consistent are these letter initials found on more than two dozen relics surviving by Wright. Where academia has no leg to stand, regarding debate in disproving Wright’s unique hidden identification initials.

Engravers for hundreds of years were involved in engraving metal plates with hundreds of symbols in a form of a document. The meaning of the information is only privy to the artist guilds of the time. The plates were then pressed into paper or parchment for “Sovereign Documents”.  The two flags pictured above, shows hundreds of symbols pressed into the silk. The art of pressing engraved plates into textile for flags has been found on “MANY HUNDREDS OF HISTORICAL FLAG’S” that Vexillologist will not allow any debate on this subject!

The most priceless historical relics in United States history surviving are devalued to such an extent that they have little value or have been dismissed as authentic by academics and auction houses.


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