The Union Flag & Debates Among Flag Historian’s

Peter Ansoff, is dedicated flag historian, who wrote an amazing paper on the history and controversies of the design being used by the United States before we became a nation.

Recently I contacted him and another Flag researcher named Byron DeLear, author of the book “The First American Flag: Revisiting the Grand Union at Prospect Hill”.

What I see here is two brilliant flag researchers butting heads on the history and origins of the flag. If any of you had read my blog article “To Scorn & Divide” you would realize that I had already solved the entire flag origins of the United States, the Union Flag and the Stars & Stripes origins.

In the past I had addressed my early theories with other flag researchers and let me tell you, it’s like dealing with a dentist pulling teeth. The stubbornness and ignorance to the factual history truth with the founding of the United States.

But between the two, Peter and Bryon, I have to 100% acknowledge that both were making good headway by doing the research. Definitely Peters information is more historically fact, to the documented information that I have spent years finding. Let’s look at this wonderful page from Peters paper that shows an engraving dedicated to William Penn’s son. Naval scene that shows Philadelphia and vessels before it. One of the British ships, displays what is called the American Grand Union flag.

When Peter sent me the paper the other day, it took me less than 30 seconds to find the missing link that gives the origins of the flag and ship symbolism for who it represented. Below the flag flying and above the person standing in the window, the artist made sure to show symbology of the flags origins to England. Which is the Ouroboros snake eating it’s tail. Look at the enhancement image below.

Charle I & II Sovereignty Symbology of the Snake eating it’s tail with the E symbol for Emanuel. But note where the snake head should be, it appears to be another E. Still does not change the meaning, it’s the Stuart link to God and their sovereign right to rule! My guess is being that snail it’s to give off a sea serpents spinal fins, from the head down to the and E found.

Right there, if you put the Oxford Herne documents to factual use with this engraving. We are seeing Jacobite symbology that can not be debated with flag historians. So it’s game over with the Prospect Hill debate! Our founding fathers kept using the true symbolism of British. Specifically to the House of Stuart, they gave the British East and West India Company charters and had financial interest in the company! So they flew the flag of the Kings colors and it was King James and Charles symbology along with their order of the Knights Garter it represents.

The one thing to remember with this symbology in 1754. Charles Edward Stuart failed in his attempt to take back the thrown in 1745. Even 10 years later, we see loyalist artist using the original symbology that represents the Stuarts link to God and their right to rule that’s specific with the Restoration history of Charles Edward Stuart. This is in continuous use from Charles I & II before, during and after the American Revolution. Adopted as identical templates to many of the nations first flags, Coins, medals and vast art by the American guild artist, controlled by the Scottish into the 1790 and after!

Remember Ben Franklin was on the flag and seal committees Franklin became one of the founding Master Masons of the French Masonic Lodge named the Lodge of the Nine Sisters! The Grand Orient Masonic Lodge granted their charter and that lodge was founded by Charles II. Good old Ben Franklin adopted the Stuart Snake that eats its tail symbol for restoring the Stuarts and that’s a fact!

This is just one of the few documented pieces of art showing the Nine Sisters Lodge supporting the Jacobite cause!
The Grand Orient was Charles II lodge that he found while in exile for a short period. The Grand lodge chartered Franklins French lodge that also symbolizes the Nine Goddesses of math, sciences and the arts.

Note this fact, where did George washington become a Freemason? The Jacobite Freemasons lodge in Fredericksburg, VA. Where General Mercer who died on the battlefield at Princeton. General Mercer was one of Lodges founder! Mercer as a young man served on the battlefield with Charles Edward at Culloden.

One image of interest when Mr. DeLear posted the 1776 Union Flag on the colonial currency, pictured below! So we have a Canada/Carolina connection. The Jacobites settled in influenced that design being used! General Mercer, a great patriot founding father, who was a Jacobite!

So when will flag experts allow the Truth to be accepted that the British symbolism adopted to all the most important American Symbology represents the deposed House of Stuart? It’s where our Sovereignty originated from England from day one with the founding of the Colonies and the United States, period!!!!!

Just In Case Flag Experts say this is preposterous, we will never accept the Truth! Take a look at the big letter E next to the 8 pointed knights Garter star, found on the Deposed Charles Edward Stuarts engraving by Sir Robert Strange(Jacobite Royal Engraver) Doesn’t get anymore clear than that does it?

Prince Charles Edward Stuart the exiled prince of the British realm, who tried to recover the British Throne with his 1745 Uprising. The short war was called the “45”.

The Young Pretenders Great Grandfather, where the symbology for the British East India Company Originates and even after the Glorious Revolution, didn’t change. Regardless if the ship was a loyalist ship to the Stuarts or a BEIC vessel! Regardless is the ships flew those flags under Queen Mary and then their male heirs into the American Revolution. They were Half Stuarts and so was their grandmother Mary.

Competition arose in 1635 when Charles I granted a trading licence to Sir William Courteen, which permitted the rival Courteen association to trade with the east at any location in which the EIC had no presence. In an act aimed at strengthening the power of the EIC, King Charles II granted the EIC (in a series of five acts around 1670) the rights to autonomous territorial acquisitions, to mint money, to command fortresses and troops and form alliances, to make war and peace, and to exercise both civil and criminal jurisdiction over the acquired areas.

So, when the company is flying flags on their ships, fortresses they occupied. The flag represents the companies sovereign, Charles I & II and the Stripes represent a total of 13. Jesus and the 12 apostles, being King Charles and his order of the Knights Garter, who were appointed by the king himself. The most trusted knights, who helped rule the realm! Today’s Queen Elizabeth on her government educational site, gives the 13 meaning as I mentioned. Where the Red and white stripes based on the founding families of the Empire, sure. The Houses York & Lancaster, their symbology is always famous with even today’s Americans. Who know like about the history, but have heard, War of the Roses is the direct origins to the stripes symbology with a Union. The Stuarts are behind the creation of the Union as seen on these flags and that does not change its history, even today or even after when the Hanoverians ruled!

It’s important to understand that even if these flags were flown by the Hanoverian dynasty from at the time they seized power, being the Stuart daughter and her husband, prince william. They exiled their Father pretty much because of religious differences since King Henry. Thus a few wars and endless skirmishes occurred for decades before the American Revolution to take back the thrown.

There is no reason for the BEIC to change the flag design, the deposed Kings daughter is now in power, She’s a Stuart! But regarding theses Jacobites. Vast networks of loyalists supported the exiled Bonnie Prince Charlie. Who I believe had been to America and was going to be King. Remember, he was the grandmaster of all Freemasonry, which is called Stuart Freemasonry. Charles, by the time just after the Revolution was getting old and he spent his last days drinks 7-10 bottles of wine a day, passing from alcoholism.

The United States founding symbolism, 100% represents, directly to the identity of Stuart Sovereignty origins and the People’s sovereignty in the United States, today!

Even the Great Seal of the United States has been proven to be the product of Scottish Masonic Guild power over our founding fathers, official decision making because of the foreign powers that be, aided them and supported the Revolution.

Jacobite medal showing Deposed Stuart propaganda, The goddess Minerva holding the pole with the cap symbolizing Liberty for what the shield she hold that it represents. Deposed Stuart King & his knights Garter (13 Stripes).

Note just above the Liberty cap and Head of Minerva, you get to see the symbol of the Snake eating it’s tail again. Same symbolism meaning of the engraving showing the Stripped Union flag waving on the ship in a breeze. Again, this is the calling card symbolism of the struggles and sovereignty rights of the Stuarts from Charles I to Charles Edward the last Stuart heir to the thrown.

Pictured above is a British Loyalist Jacobite button found in England or France. Showing the Stuart symbology and the circular Star links of the order of the Garter represented by the five pointed stars. This is where with other similar buttons of such is the predecessor to the American 13 chain links of the colonies that became states. So basically we ripped of this symbology of the Jacobites or was it intentionally done? I say intentionally done…

So the evidence with buttons of the Jacobites in America is one of the best sources of seeing many different variations of Jacobite symbology, directly adopted to many famous sovereign art history of our national treasures design origins.

This is the frost proposed drawing of the Great Seal, I’m just showing the flag. Now just drop the Jacobite snake button section, showing the Star constellation. And you have a new variation that represented the Betsey Ross flag!

So the myths with Betsey Ross are going to be finally and publicly addressed this new coming year of 2022! Her designing the flag is a myth and so is the other seamstress who made flags for the first American Navy ships of Commodore Hopkins.

Just note this from To Scorn and Divide post, they Betsey Ross myth stops here! The earlier Stuarts, second sons of the King held the titles Earl of Ross. Which the last Sturt to hold the title was Charles I who’s head was lopped off by order of the British Parliament run by Oliver Cromwell.

Betsey’s association to Washington have her sew such a flag was directly associated with her husband who died early on in the Revolution in an accident. His grandfather sold off his titles as one of the high lords, chieftains of Clan Ross. Who were always loyal to the House of Stuart.

This is your entire lost history with Betsey and her husbands association to the flag symbology via Charles I who was the Last Earl of Ross when he was a Prince!

Note this fact, imagine solving this history that is a major revamp in teaching the government and the People of the United States! What’s your bet here, let be told or will the truth be suppressed?

Just image how the British Hanoverians who deposed the true Kings felt that Scottish and English loyalists adopted all the Sturt symbolism in an evolution, just to throw it in their face and that’s what happened with the United States flags design origins!

Now Read the excerpt from Mr. DeLare and Mr. Whitney Smith, the founder of NAVA. (North American Vexillological Association).

The smoking gun is still smoking and the basic evidence in this documents debunks Mr. DeLares written statement. Adding, I can drop dozens of more art pieces and documents on government original relics and documented history of the piece rewritten to being Scottish influenced by being made by their American Masonic Guild Artist. The oldest Modern Freemasons records know to exist are located in Scottish Salt Preston Lodge dating back to the Stuarts in the mid 1500s for giving them their Lodge Charter to be established! Acheson Masonic Lodge, they are married to each other, including Sinclair’s, Scot and their true identity as being royals named St. Clair of Herdmonstoun!

So the Sturt kings Chartered York Rite, Scottish Rite Freemasonry. The Scottish Freemasons do not acknowledge American or Scottish Rite Freemasons. Right from the Words of Scotland’s Grand-lodge historian Richard Cooper. Who grandfather was the teacher of Sir Robert Strange, the Jacobite Royal engraver and life guard to The Old Pretender, Edward Francis Stuart. Robert Strange you got the point with the E on the engraving of Charles Edward in the engraving at the beginning of this post!

On 23 June 1661 a marriage treaty agreeing upon the union of Charles II and Catherine of Braganza was signed. Catherine brought a dowry of £500,000, as well as Bombay, Tangier and the right of free trade with the Portuguese colonies, and also popularised tea-drinking in Britain.


Thomas Penn, deliberately had the ship with the Union Striped Flag inserted into his “commissioned “ of Philadelphia. Thomas Penns grandfather served King Charles by giving vast sums of his personal money to rebuild his weathered Naval fleet at the time of the Restoration. He was even on the ship named for Charles II that picked up his brother who in Holland. The Penn’s requested the lands in America in exchange for the large sum of money they gave to rebuild Charles navy fleet.

Below is the painting showing ECI ships at the navy yard in England. Where the new 1st rate EIC was being built was personally built by King Charles II, placing a favored Captain in command of “his” EIC ship. The vessels massive stern was exquisitely carved with Charle II symbolism and the Stuart Royal arms. When it all boils down to the truth, the American Grand union flag flown at Prospect Hill and raised before the new standing American Continental Army, including the first flag of the US Navy, being the Alfred. Represent specifically history of the Stuart Royal Family and no one else. One of the most interesting mysteries and the US first Stars & Stripes symbolism represents where our United States sovereignty symbolism originated.

East India Ship Charles II nearly completed before being launched into service In England. Showing off her symbolism and Flag representing King Charles II symbolic identity.

The final reason for why the newly formed government would adopt the the House of Stuart symbolism. Aside of knowing that many founding fathers were Jacobite supports or in business with them directly. My last words on it was that they chosen to use the designs of the original symbolism of their sovereignty originated, that’s to the true sovereigns who were removed from the thrown. This is a pretty simple reason for why.

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  1. The Plantagenet are linked directly to the Anjou! Mary Queen of Scott’s father was the Count of Anjou and when the Stuarts were originally named Fitz Alan, they were all intermarried, going back to the time of King William. But it’s when they became the Stewards of the Kings did they inter mix to become the kings!

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