Controversial Burial Medal Almost Sold By Heritage Auctions! Chickasaw Chief Piamingo’s Medal Unearthed

How amazing it is to learn how the top authorities with the George Washington medals all seem to have amnesia during the Patrick collection sale of three GW Silver oval IPM’s during the January 2021.

So what’s really going on here with Hertiage Auction house, the NGC (Numismatic Guaranty Corporation), including the Gilcrease Museum and the renowned authoritie with these medals including Anthony Terranova? Regarding of the sale of a known Tulpo, 1793 Chickasaw chief Piamingo’s burial medal that had been in controversy since the 1980’s. When it was sold by Sotheby’s to Mr. Terranove? Now back then it was legal to own and possess such medals that are now protected by the federal laws called “NAGPRA”.

Pictured above is the documented Piamingo medal with an amazingly visible, inverted triangular chunk of silver plating missing.
Above is the very same medal that sold with the Patrick collection in January 2021.

I don’t think you have to be like one of the forensic scientists that I often spend many thousands of dollars testing medals for me! To prove that both these medals are both one in the same medals. what’s known for a fact now is that this is the one medal that was a major factor for why NAGPRA was created, being a documented funerary relic.

Back in 2011 this medal was in the famous gathering of medals at the Gilcrease museum! Where it resided for years and after Patrick had passed the estate brought the medal to auction. The medal was sent to the GNC who authenticated the medal because it had extraordinary provenance. That’s right, extraordinary provenance with the factual identity of the medal being the funerary medal belonging to Chickasaw Chief Piamingo was missing from the sale documentation. Which was dug up from a road worker back in the 1950s in Mississippi. Read the entire scientific report on the link below. Also read the articles of the Indians wanting the medal back from Terranova!

Click to access 2000_35_2.pdf

But remember that even though Terranova owned the medal at one time. It was legal to own these burial medals until the 1990s.

So after lots of thought for why was this medal pulled from that Heritage Auction sale. I’m guessing that Heritage must have realized they were selling a burial medal. Did Patrick take this information of the medal being Piamingos to the grave, where he tossed out the information on the medals identity? So how did the information get lost from 2011 to 2021?

I guess your guess would be about as good as mine. But the one thing I do know for certain, the Gilcrease was housing a funerary medal for years apparently and if your a museum doing such a thing and collecting Federal grant money. You would lose your federal grants if that was known! I’m so happy that Heritage auctions pulled the medal before it was undersold like the other two medals.

Here is new information learned recently about the other medal that sold! During General Anthony Wayne’s speech at the 1795 Greenville Treaty. He expressed to the Nations who just received their 1795 medals, that they were meant to be passed down from father to son. From my take, the 1795 medals are sovereignty medals that would again more than likely be protected under the NAGPRA laws as well!

Special note, it this is true? Wouldn’t the NY Seneca Chief Fish Carries 1795 medal that sold from the Patrick collection, fall under the same laws if they were meant to be sovereignty relics. Think about it? To be passed from father to son on medals that are the treaty medals not early gift peace medals. One give at the signing of treaties.

The whole medals controversy and corruption involving these medals is absolutely retarded and ludicrous. How many people out there have been told their medals are fakes? If it happened to you, I want to hear! I’m hoping the federal government opened an investigation into the matter here with this funerary medal. Because this whole medal sale stinks because people knew this medal identity to Chief Piamingo! I want to know who was the expert consultant that was the between person or persons with Heritage and The GNC, who certified the medal as authentic.

The GNC refused to authenticate the 1792 JW NY medal that has a major scientific report on the medals authenticity by McCrones Analytical lab by the top scientists and testing equipment in the country. So what’s really going on here with these medals?

One thought on “Controversial Burial Medal Almost Sold By Heritage Auctions! Chickasaw Chief Piamingo’s Medal Unearthed

  1. I need authentication of old peace medal. What is the process? I can send good photos. Do not see direct contact info on site. Thanks, Todd

    Call me 203-737-3708


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