Art That Depicts A Message by Joseph Wright-Masonic Guild-1792 George Washington IPM by Joseph Wright

This is a major discovery, regarding the 1792 JLW or Joseph Wright IPM. Last winter when I visited Burt Boardman’s silver factory! I went there to have an opinion by one of the single most important silversmiths living in the United States. Regards to the basic construction and authenticity of the little peace medal.

Little did I know after spending a couple hours with Burt. His eye was caught by the many notches on the side of the bezel and began to explain on video that the artist did a form of an art the depicts a message.

Burt Boardman showing in hand that Joseph Wright left an art that depicts a message. Who would have ever of thought something like this could ever be found., also note the 200 plus year old green patina in the groves of the bezel. This you can fake and yes it was tested and examined in the lab by Joe Barabe and Associates.
Only a Guild silversmith like Burt would find this art and knows it’s a form of a message left by the artist!

Oh on a special note, it has been confirmed by the curator of the Seneca Museum that section on the famous Red Jacket medal has this art that conveys a message!

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