Who Said George Washington silver Oval Medals Are Solid Silver?

Over the last three years I have not been active posting on this blog. The main factor is because I was busy with forensic analytical scientists testing several medal in the Laboratory.

What has been learned is that every medal tested or studied is factually silver plated. Pictured above is an excellent example of a known and accepted 1792 silver oval George Washington IPM.

Having dealt with great opposition from the leading experts over the last seven years. Right now it can be said that “their credibility” as identification authorities is not credible and that they offer nothing to the advancement of the study of these rare medals.

Medals such as the famous Mitchellson medal, the Seneca War Chief Farmers Brothers medal, all of the Medals in the ANS museum, just to mention a few! Are all silver plated. In the weeks to come, a full story will be published on Bibliomania Society site.

Now knowing the medals construction, the new identification norm standard will be used to identify authentic medals in the years to come.

The Colonial Williamsburg Newley Acquired small 1792 Medal

Pictured above is another fine example that shows a large chunk of the plating missing on the little 1792 that Colonial Williamsburg recently purchased from the Heritage auctions sale last January. Now pay close attention to this scientific fact from my scientist report. Notice the medal gives a copper colored tone to the overall medal. Well that’s because the medal plate had been polished and over time the plating had been worn thin. Exposing the plating which is silver and copper, where the copper percent mixed is around -30% and +60% silver. So the over all color tone in both images shows the copper that is mixed in the plating.

This newly discovered construction make up, does not detract the value of the medal. Why? Because the work involved is much more laborious and much more sophisticated than what the past experts ever knew because of their lack of advancing the study from an identification point of view. The most wonder aspect of this construction had allowed the engraving artists to work in a style called “Reflective Art”!

So where did the past authorities on these medals miss the boat with their scientific expertise? When I had on a few occasions done XRF testing. The numbers did come up as if we did test sterling or coin silver. This was because the X-ray reflected off the surface. When testing in Hartford Connecticut with UCONN’s scientists. Number came out +60% silver and -30% copper. This was the most accurate testing with the hand held unit and could not understand the numbers until testing was completed on the NY 1792 JLW medal. The most accurate testing was done, the NY medal took one for the team. We shot the medal with 6 laser shots that the naked eye can’t even see. This was the proof needed to then look at all the known medals and see the images of them showing they are plated. So how did the the best experts misidentify these medals as solid silver? The XRF machine can reflect off the surface and specific gravity tests do not work with these medals that are made of four pieces.

Again, let me be clear! Labor was cheap back in the 1790s and silver was scarce! The work that went into making these medals far exceeds the work it takes to cast solid coin silver or sterling.

Look out for the major new news that I will be putting out soon on the recovery of other medals and testing!

Listen to the living legend, America’s Last of the Mohegan Master Silversmiths take on the medals! Burt Boardman makes every famous sports trophy known to exist and is only one of two people outside of the US Mint allowed to make silver counterfeit US Coins!

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