Live Radio show Tonight

Tonight on 21st Century Radio, I’ll be presenting the Great seal history mysteries. The END of the Lies and the Truth will prevail.

The topic is DOCUMENTED factual information that proves Stuart Freemasonry created the symbolism and sovereignty identity of the United States!

Your can clearly see that my 30 years of the study of esoteric art shows this original US Great Seal design shows over 200 cross hatching number 47’s. When you turn the image on the right side the cross hatching shows another 200, 47’s that represents the Master Mason symbol of a Masters Jewels called the Euclid mathematic solution! Geometry that is the symbolism of the Master Masons.

Go to tonight at 800 pm eastern US time! Later I’ll post the show link on the blog.

The short story is foreign powers did in fact have plans for America with the founding fathers of the United States! The greatest sell out of the people, where US government officials and Presidents sold out “We The People”!

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