The Last Of the Great American Silversmith’s

My Visit with Mr. Burt Boardman, 9th generation silversmith. Mr. Boardman is legendary and one of the most internationally recognized silversmith! Mr. Boardman’s silver company is the oldest continuous silver manufacturing-company in United States history.

Mr. Boardman did a two hour examination on the authenticity of two historical medals! Yes, it helps when you personally know a silver master artisan, since I was a kid. Boardman buried the experts who have denied some medals as period, authentic Silver oval George Washington Indian peace medals!. First let me present you a video of being in silver heaven and in a day or so I will post the interview study of the peace medals.

Oh and let me share this secret! Mr. Boardman found a silversmiths secret writing on the medal telling something that maybe one or two silversmiths today may know how to translate the writing cipher!

This video is the silver ready to go to the engraver. If your a sports fan, you will love this video!

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