Westmintser Abbey & Heavens Gate!

Origins of the US Flag & The Great Seal Symbolism.  From Norman & Saxon Sovereignty history with the Church & God!

One of the oldest “E” symbols that represents Jesus(Emmanuel) can be dated to a Famous monk named Matthew Paris! Paris wrote several books and the King commissioned him to write a book on Edward. Paris was also known for doing complete books that included the art seen below. Showing Edward seated with the “E” found on his right arm. Symbolizing King Edward the Confessors divine right to rule under God’s authority. Edward was the last Saxon King of England and he was the first to express “Divine Rights of Kings”. So this evidence only seen on Edward and not often on other Kings besides William the Conqueror. Then by the time of the House of Stuarts, they began using the symbolism frequently in their art. More so when the Stuart King was exiled and the the family while in exile often had the symbolism in their personal art. Expressing their right to rule and then later we see the symbolism of the “E” used on American sovereignty art.




Conqueror holding a model of what may well be the abbey church at Battle, from Matthew Paris’s Historia Anglorum, 13th century CREDIT: BRITISH LIBRARY ROYAL 14 C. VII/BRIDGEMANIMAGES.COM Note the ‘E’on William’s right arm.!TELEMMGLPICT000124750404_trans_NvBQzQNjv4BqajY9oc1YadQIx9m6XC7rPfevqKrUsz7J11syvIvoMP0.jpg

Here is one of the rarest historical medals in US history, one of two George Washington Indian Peace medals. Believed to be the earliest official hand engraved relic of the US Mint by Joseph Wright. The US Arms show the Stargate and the letter E. Stargate history with US flags and the variations of the stars on great seals. The design in no question originates, its earliest usage associated to US sovereignty is with these families of Sovereigns who were the Saxons and House of Normandy. Edwards mother image show the heavens gate with several letter “E’s” on the gate. This is a very big leap in finding these origins for learning the true meaning and symbolism of US Sovereignty!




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