Herman Ulrich’s Tang Makers Mark’s! H.LU. & George Winchester Madis With Wilsons 2 Cents of Controversy!



Just recently I had read the catalog references of James Julia Auctions House the State of Maine’s post on the past sale of the Herman Ulrich Winchester with the tank makers mark initials H.L.U.


Left side of upper tang, under the wood, is hand engraved “H.L.U” (Herman Leslie Ulrich, 1846-1937). Receiver is beautifully engraved in broad, sweeping, …

George Madis said these are Hermans marks on his rifles! Knowing no documented history existed to say it was true! This is what  Mr. Wilson said! No records proved they where Herman Ulrich’s marks. but come on! Who would want to make fake marks of such. Wilson was correct on the fact of no records were existing to support Mr. Madis of Texas!
Here is the truth with the rifle listed on the James Julia site above in this post!. This shows the left panel & fwd panel shows this cross with a diamond and circle in the center!
We find herman Ulrich’s makers marks, showing the “HU” Cut a clear as can be seen! The right side captures a “UH” but the U is a fat “U” with a sharply cut “H” that coincides with the multiple Roosevelt rifles makers marks of Herman. Where I presented and  I told my readers months ago! HU from left to right with basic English writing with the initial’s Herman Ulrich is standard! The UH from reading left to right being Ulrich Herman is a standard for a guild artist to place the letters in reverse! Because they were mathematically trained with everything being multipul-dimensions in their art!. The person trying to understand what I am saying! 1000 years ago to 5000 years ago, guild artists did this and were trained in the same manner! It only gets easier to understnad the Ulrich’s who are an open book at this time, but they are challenging when it comes to learning their style of engraving individually! They followed the Scottish European Guild controlled, American Banknote Company for their time period! Which was controlled by Foriegn powers who still enslave North America’s deficit to the Fed.
The United States Government shut down the American Banknote Company from engraving US notes adecade or two before the Ulrich’s ever engraved! But the Ulrichs taught the Russians (REAL COLLUSIONATIONS) and even did the King of Jersuelms Winchesters! Which came back to America and were DEVALUED because the history was never told!
Now for you collectors all over the World, the Ulrichs were not really United with the People of the United States! They were United with the foreign “Guilds”….Influence from foreign intrusion that was always in America since the days of the Jacobites and many other foreign powers, including the Church!
The brass image “UH” is found on Roosevelt’s 1876 Winchester that is located in the Rossevelt Museum in Long Island, NY. The location is found on top of the rifle past the hammer. Factually there are “THREE” “UH maker’s marks on that top section, as clear as this one! The silver color “UH makers mark is found on the 44-40 Roosevelt Apach Scout rife on the left panel on the tree trunk, sideway’s!
 Pictured above: The Colt Lightning belonging to General Porfirio Diaz this is the only known signed Herman Leslie Ulrich engraved gun. The images were provied to me from the Canada Military Museum’s Curator. The gun is in the case and I had not requested the signed name. Months ago, I used this image for showing Hermans design on the panel and his paper money he engraved for Argentina, while working for the American Banknote Company.
Just on this panel there are a half dozen of Herman’s unique style of reversing his letter initials. You will see the fat outlined “U” and them the fine line “H” cut to the right of the U.
 These will be more than a dozen marks of such by Herman on this rifle. Knowing its the only “signed” Herman gun other than the three Winchesters that are signed on the tang’s! Now it can be said that George Madis was correct that the “H.LU.” Winchester are by comparison with “HU/UH” makers marks found on these rifles are factually authentic. The larger Diaz image I posted above is a good image. You should be able to find a few marks of such. The best to look for are the fine razor cut marks, there are several “H” cuts on on the scene panel!
Later I will present two different Colt pistols that where believed to be by Herman and one was said to be his by the James Julia Cataloger. He was correct, having found two excellant examples of the UH/HU makers marks. The trick thing with this identification is separating the others persons who worked on the same guns as Herman. Hermans brother John engraved the horse rider and buffalo on this panel presented. Herman did with out any question did the Diaz monogram. Look for the tiny “H” razor cuts on the main of the Buffalo and the horse rider and the grass. Why do we see that? My basic theory is that if this was a commissioned piece to Herman. His brother who helped added his basic “H” marks to his own work. This would have been done by students, adding their teachers marks on a piece they were doing under their engraving master.
Additional images will be requested from Canada with the Diaz rife, I would bet any reader that there is 2 dozen or more Herman “UH” marks all over the gun!
Here is the information on a Colt, sold by James Julies and the cataloger says the pistol is Herman Ulrichs engraved piece!


Quote: “Being a reasonably rare revolver with limited production, it can be speculated that this is one of the very few of this model engraved by Herman Ulrich”! The James Julia Auction House representative who speculated the pistol was engraved by Herman, was correct. Below is one of several makers marks on the pistol. The fine line cut “HU” initials of Herman. If images were better i would have posted others that I did see.




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