Gustavo Young Sets Y punch mark on the earliest rendition of the Winchester Firearms Smoke Plate “Deer Jumping over Fallen Timbers” engraved design origins.

Sams Rifle3

GUN ENGRAVING RESEARCHERS GARY GIANOTTI & Dave Fegley of Relics and Rifles LLC Dive into Forensic Science to Prove this rifle was one of the Lost Gustav Young Winchesters rifles he engraved with the Ulrich apprentices. Where the design of the deer Jumping of the fallen tree smoke plate design originated. Remember, the artists themselves brought the designs to Oliver Winchester, not the other way around from the Guilds standpoint. Masonic Guild Control Lodge 79, The General Wooster New Haven Masonic Lodge,

This spectacular Winchester Model 1866 with factory papers being made in 1882 sheds its engraving secrets after 135 years. This rifle like many engraved and unsigned custom Winchesters are shot down as not valuable. When they really are significant and should demand much higher prices when sold.

Lodge 79

Because of the lack of knowledge in the esoteric and Masonic art, very few or next to no one in the big money engraved gun world is cataloging this information. Information that can tell you who the engraver or engravers were and the type of person this gun was made for. The underside of this rifle displays an exceptionally rare #79 in the center of flared scrolls. Over looked by many because this flared design has been seen in several variations often with the All Seeing Eye with rays of light. Often in drawings, prints and on early flags of the 19th century.

Over looked by ALL WINCHESTER HISTORIANS is the tips of the scroll work. Even here you can see that they have dots and a slash like a worm. Which is exactly what the represents the worm on the cross would be symbolized by Jesus on a cross who said; “But I am a worm and not a man, scorned by everyone, despised by the people.” – Psalm 22:6

My friend Moe Bedard the Gnostic Worrier wrote a great document on the subject that I provided the link below!

The Ancient Symbol of the Serpent is Really a Worm | GnosticWarrior …

by Moe | Aug 28, 2014 | History of the Brotherhood, Meaning of Symbols | 24 comments … However, if you understand that the worm is one of the most ancient and strongest creatures on earth that is … from a serpent, and Scipio Africanus was said that he believed he was the son of a snake. ….. Designed by Moe Bedard.

So Many Winchesters have this on the ends of the scroll, which is seen on thousands of relic all the was back into the 18th century and way before! The finest you can see on this site are found on the Lawrence Washington Seal, flawless snake heads on the monogram scrolled ends. Many engraved rifles by the old engravers at Winchester were members of Lodge 79 in New Haven. They did many of these 79 number on many engravings, often very subtle, but can be seen. Annie Oakley’s rifle on this blog shows one. Seeing this massive 79 with the worms or Snakes in good detail and the flare specifically represents the “LIGHT” with Freemasonry. The tic tac toe checkering is located on a few locations of this rifle. Over looked by experts on many Winchester, where the checking is whats called a Masonic Pig Pen Cipher. Inside the boxes they use letters or symbols that write messages. often on the 18th century guns, they often shade those symbols and often wear over time, Look at the rifles side panel and see the big pig pen cipher box and you may see one two symbols if you eye is good to see them.
winchester2 copy.png
What can be said with out knowing who owned the rifle, would be that he was most likley a Mason from the New Haven, CT. the General Wooster Masonic Lodge 79. Being well associated or personally knew the artists who engraved this rifle around and 1882.
Now it gets even better because the rifle on the underside has a rather large letter “Y” punched into the metal. My first thought was that the rifle was engraved by Colts famous engraver Gustav Young. Except very wonder scholars who own several of them said its not his style. This was important to know this because the only other people who could have done this custom work at that time was an Ulrich. Young must have had the commission and the Ulrich’s Conrad and Johns letter initials are found. Adding that there is also a letter “B” engraved on the panel that I also believe was one of the Ulrich’s teachers mark.
Sams gun4
The other panel is your typical style of the known smoke plate design of Winchester with a deer jumping over a log. Would a New haven Lodge of Masons, who were the Winchester engravers allow some person to engrave this gun? No because it is their work in a custom was to not be anything like the factory work. What I know is if people were engraving guns like this, not part of the Masonic Guild of engravers. My guess you would have had a short life when they found you, so my guess is the Guilds had tight control on engravers back then!
Another interesting thing the engravers did was select rifles like this with the serial numbers on the gun and butt plate that have numbers representing the Lodge! Unique her is the Winchester rifle number has 88 in the number and the butt plate 79. 88 is the Lodge associated to Colt with Young and the Ulrich as 79 is with the Ulrich’s. Teddy Roosevelt’s rediscovered Winchester has the number ending with the DC Presidents Lodge number. There is no conspiracy, but this is factual because these great artists were into numbers with geometry and Masonry. More hardcore than most Masons and the engravers for centuries passed down vast ancient knowledge with their art. This has been see with the serial numbers on a dozen rifles that have great esoteric or Masonic art than most engraved rifles by these artist.
This rifle will be on the market this December and its a rifle collectors do not want to pass up!
Joh Ulrichs JU initials with the U letter bent and invited, this is seen on dozens of Winchesters that are signed John Ulrich that are factory pieces! Even Conrad used the bent U with his odd ball C initials!

16 thoughts on “Gustavo Young Sets Y punch mark on the earliest rendition of the Winchester Firearms Smoke Plate “Deer Jumping over Fallen Timbers” engraved design origins.

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  2. The Masonic symbolism is proven to the history of both the lodges of the engravers to Winchester and Colt.

    This guns papers were part of the ones burned in New Haven. The Y punch mark is what out on his pistols and this one. The deer jumping over the log, this engraving is where Winchester’s trade mark panel design originated most likely. This is one of the rare lost Young Winchester and the Ulrichs worked on it too.


    • The reason I ask is I currently own this firearm and was wondering what documentation/information I could put with it for authenticity purposes. I plan on passing my firearms to my children.


      • You purchased the rifle from Sam? No letter exists from the factory on the custom engraving! You would have to do a dissertation paper on the rifle that costs money. Adding the Winchester Firearms collectors society do not and refuse to acknowledge the guns authenticity. Even though I have the large makers mark initials found in front of their face. I charge $2k to put special guns in the book I’m writing on engravings by Winchester.



  3. I bought it from a individual in Oklahoma. I could love to discuss and could send photos to verify it is the same gun. I just purchased it recently. I just bought the gun because i always wnated a 1866 and liked the look. I’m thinking I must have purchased it from the individual the bought it from Sam.bou


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