Massachusetts Metal Detectorist Finds Philadelphia Engravers Seal!

Not often do I get excited about finds dug from the ground. But recently, Mr. Leighton Harrington  posted a seal he had no idea what he found until I contacted him! boston-seal

Mr. Leighton Harrington who is a dedicated metal detectorist for decades had found a very special relic indeed. One that “I PERSONALLY CONSIDERED MORE IMPORTANT THAN ANY GEORGE WASHINGTON INAUGURAL BUTTON!” The GW buttons are New England and the South’s most sought after prizes that less the 1200 are known to exist.Being an original Scot Guild hand cut seal, its more important than ANY stamped Washington Button! I reference GW buttons because they are the Holy Grail of relics metal detectorists want to find!

Cut Letters MJ or MP on carnelian, the same stone set in George Washington’s fobs. Engraved by the Student John Vallance, under Robert Scot and James Trenchard. Scot and Trenched are known for engraving All the government US 1st, Great Seals and State Seals. The engraved all the George Washington button dies and Scot was the secret Jacobite sent to America to head the entire infrastructure with art in America as a President of the Guilds internationally for America.

Below is George Washington’s original US Great Seal that he officially never used! My guess because it was too perfect and is located at Mount Vernon today. What is know is Vallance with Scot and Trenchard cut this seal from my vast image studies. Vallance was the main student engraver apprentice and thats known because of his Makers mark the is ESOTERIC! Fused into the art design so the average eye would not see, other then other engravers who were part of the guild taught this art. The very point of the branch, if you blow this image up, you will see the perfect cut “V”. This has been confirmed by a dozen engravings documented to Vallance that he did use a J and V to identity the location of areas he worked on an engraved piece of art.

Who is Vallance? He was a Scottish and he came to America, under the guilds as a student. He is best known for the his Map engraving of Washington DC. The one y0u always hear about with Conspiracies with masonic maps of the streets of the cities design. Except it was Robert Scot who commissioned the piece, but Vallance did the work with a man named Thackera. Bring us to the makers marks on the Masonic Flower seen on many engravings by the guild! But not hand cut, or the hand cut engraving plates by them. The Seal shows a JT on the seal, it could only be Thackera the son in-law of James Trenchard or it was Trenchard himself. My honest opinion is was an early piece with James before he left to England in 1793 to never come back to America.


dorsett seal

Trenchard is known for his famous Magazine the “Columbian Magazine”  which published engravings of the first ever seen US Great Seal that the public had seen for the first time in 1786. When the seal was designed in 1779 and cut in 1781! So an entire 12 years passed and the average America never knew what the Great seal looked like!


boston-seal-dug <<<<<<Click open to see the Seal makers marks

I placed Boston on the title of the document so I can reference the few relics by these artist in Massachusetts. The Engravers of Philadelphia did so few engravings of ANYTHING associated to Massachusetts because famous engravers already where established there(But Were Under the Guilds Control). But even Paul Revere and Webb who documented would have been under the Scottish Thumb of Robert Scot with the guilds and thats a fact!

What makes this seal unique is the Robert Scot created this monogram style in America that was used by the guild under him. Attached is the a document that shows how rare these monograms really are. From William & Mary’s Collages secret Society medals to George Washington’s nephews seals! Even Thomas Jefferson Lost Seal is identified in in the monogram style to Scots design.


Lawrence A.Washington Seal, rarest United States examples of Robert Scots hand cut snakes on the ends of the monograms.

You can see the monogram is very much in the identical style with Lawrence Washington’s Seal. Few ever relics made by the Philadelphia artist are ever found, period to the time. There is a painting I found documented of the Governor of Mass by Scot, existing in Boston. James Trenchard in his famous Columbian Magazine, honored Boston by showing his famous engraving of the US Stars and Stripes flying at Castle Island.

What it boils down too is that very few hand cut relics, hand painted relics or ever dies engraved/cut by these men exist outside institutions and museums. One that due survive, academics have no clue to the significance of the relics surviving that exist today.

thomas-jeffersons-lost-seal<<<<<<<<Click on the Link and see images of several Monograms by Robert Scot and the Philadelphia engravers. The design origins we know belongs to Scot from the records surviving that he did the William and Mary Collage medals for the secret society.

There is much more that has not been presented on Mr Leighton Harrington seal, but its rarity and significance is very valuable none the less being hand engraved by the Philadelphia engravers.


boston-seal <<<<<<<<CLICK ON THE DOCUMENT


One thought on “Massachusetts Metal Detectorist Finds Philadelphia Engravers Seal!

  1. Thank you for sharing this story. This is great information and a wonderful read. However, you should amend your article as it is Mr. Leighton Harrington (proper last name). You might even want to do a story on Mr. Harrington himself some time. He has been treasure hunting and metal detecting for decades and has quite a few wonderful stories to share. Cheers.


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