Big Stick Teddy’s Winchester 1876 & Masonic Number Serial Numbers!

The Image below is Teddy’s 1876, provided by Doug Turnbull who I thank for the images he  used to make his historical series of duplicate Roosevelt Model 1876 rifles. The images used did advance the study in authenticating the Roosevelt 1892 by the entire Ulrich who engraved the 1892 Apache Scout 44-40.


Here I would Like to quote from the scholarly written firearms book “Winchester Repeating Arms Company” by Herb Houze.

“Right receiver of a Winchester Model 1876 rifle, serial number 38647 with panel scenes engraved by John Ulrich and originally owned by Theodore Roosevelt.”

This opens the entire doors to better understanding how important numbers are in Freemasonry. Even when the Ulrich’s selected a gun to engrave for Teddy Roosevelt years before he became a Mason. The Winchester engravers selected a gun with the number 47.

Masonic websites have open reading material on the internet that addresses the importance of numbers for Masons. Numbers are an integral part of the identity history with Masonry. The Roosevelt 1882 44-40 Apache Scout rifle has the “47 Euclid symbolism” with the Horses legs crossed, as seen on the very important Colt exihibition pistols engraved by the Ulrichs.

Regardless, if the serial number is a number selected for an up an coming politician who was expected to become a Mason. We do know this rifle was sent back five times to the factory. Did the Ulrich’s add all the symbolism art at that point or when it was first engraved, Common sense would say after!

When it comes to Masons and numbers, only the individuals connected to the Masonic Art Guilds were more advanced, because they were “Privy” to ancient history, geometry among the families of the ancient guilds.


Remember that I am the first person to TRANSLATE the information of Herman Ulrich’s association was with the American Banknote Company. This information significance is and was over the heads of the top Winchester Historian heads, right back to the New Engraving Guilds Historian today with guns! Tranlates that the Ulrichs were connected to the ancient guilds to the Scottish engraver Rober Scot, the offical 2nd engraver of the US Mint for life. Scot who founded the banknote company, Scot who planted Joseph Wright as the first US Mint engraver but died into in his first year in service from Yellow Fever! Anyhow, these artists of the ancient guilds controlled everything and numbers for them was taken more serious than your average Blue Lodge Christian Mason. The Ulrich founding father in the United States, I have reason to believe he was a hardcore Alchemist historian with the families manipulating the control of his educated study from Germany. One theory is that the German Ulrich’s are directly related to the Scottish guilds since ancient times, but for sure with the Scottish Uprisings and the connections to Prince Rupert and the families of the Stuarts!

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