John Ulrich Engraves Masonic Lodge Number 88 found on 2nd Winchester Yellowboy.

In the past I presented the Yellowboy that has the US National Coat of Arms that you can see below showing the number 88. The fist image below was sold at Jamrs Julia auction house SN38035. The rifle is fully documented to being engraved by John Ulrich who left a massive set of JU letter initials on the tang.

You can see below the two half number 8’s for 88! This again adds factual evidence that represents the Ulrich Lodge number 88 in Hartford, CT. that the Ulrichs were members. Prior to moving to New Haven, CT. with Winchester.

Note: The 2nd image below also show the number 47, which represents the Masonic 47 Euclid history. The next post will cover the new symbolism discovered on Winchesters that the Ulrichs engraved on a few Winchesters. The symbolism discovered is the other half of the Masonic Geometry that goes with the 47 Euclid geometry.John Ulrich 88 Engraving.jpgULRICH MASONIC YELLOWBOY

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