New Update on the “47” Symbolism on the Masonic Firearm’s. Represents “The 47th Problem of Euclid”

Yes, I can kick myself for not being a Mason or I would have figured this one out sooner! After looking at the dates of the Colt with the 47 symbolism on the horse, I had to investigate the facts that the Ulrich’s were not members of the Morning Star Lodge 47 in Seymour Connecticut. The Grand Lodge sent me the confirmation that the Ulrich’s were members of Lodge 79 when they lived in New Haven.

Prior to being members of the 79 Lodge, the Ulrichs were members of lodge 88 in Hartford. Even the granddaughter of the Ulrichs confirmed the other day the Ulrich’s did live in New Haven. David M. Ulrich may have been a member of the 47 Lodge who lived in the vacantly and also a William Ulrich is a confirmed member of Lodge 47.

What it all boils down too, is the Ulrich’s designed the symbolism to represent the “MASONIC EUCLID 47” history! This is mind blowing information on a history THAT STILL associates the Lodge number 47 in Seymour and in fact it links back to the origins symbolism with Freemasonry in America with the Military Lodge. 47 being part of the history with the Military Regiments, especially with the symbolism of the Garter Star symbolism of the “Cold Stream Guards” regiment number 47! Below I added a basic meaning and a link that will better help any reader understand the meaning of the EUCLID history with Masonry.

The 47th problem helps us look at the universe, and all that is in it, through a system that we can understand clearly, for it is measurable. The Master’s jewel is the square, the base needed for the 47th problem (in many jurisdictions the square has the dimensions of 3:4 ? the Pythagorean dimensions). As the Master serves his position, he becomes more complete, and therefore the 47th problem of Euclid is dedicated on his jewel when he leaves office.

The 47th Problem of Euclid – Freemason Information › Esoterica › Home › Education
What does the 47th problem of Euclid symbolize and mean? … Clearly, reason is based on measurable things (such as through numbers and objects), and is …

CONCLUSION: The 47 symbolism found on the yellowboy, Colt pistol and the Roosevelt 44-40 is exceptionally significant in how important Masonry was in the lives of the entire Ulrich family. Finding this symbolism on two horses on the Roosevelt rifle appears to be exceptionally rare. Which would have been very significant where this is like having a confirmed documented that this rifle was personally made for the President as a Masonic rifle with art the symbolized his personal life assocated with the White Mountain Apaches and Indians in the Bad Lands.

HERE IS THE BIG QUESTION FOR COLLECTORS WHO OWN ODD BALL ENGRAVED RIFLES WHO BELIEVE THEIR GUNS WERE MADE BY ULRICH’S THAT WERE DISMISSED BY THE TOP AUCTION HOUSES AND EXPERTS! My research proves that the top experts do not know how to identify custom engraved rifles by any Ulrich. Where there are a good number of significant custom being dismissed by the mainstream experts! WHO STILL WILL NOT ADDRESS THESE ADVANCEMENTS IN ENGRAVING IDENTIFICATION!

These custom engraved Ulrich rifles being rediscovered are more significant than some of the best quality engraved, signed or stamped Ulrich rifles. Not becuase of the engraving craftsmanship, but because symbolism and information they are presenting!

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