Horse with the #47

Below is the 2nd image showing a 2nd horse with the design of the legs form numbers and also has the letter initial “J” for John Ulrich the younger. Here are two examples in one image where we see the design of the animals has either numbers and letter initials of the artist who cut them. The lower left buffalo’s back legs are manipulated with Leslie Ulrich’s makers marks as well. Known no such records or images have yet been found showing this rifle as being the President’s. This is one of the rare occasions that the provanence of all the Ulrich’s working on one special gun, overrides the unknown facts. Where the entire Ulrich family worked on one project gun thats signed with the Presidents name! In my opinion, the rifle is more valuable being an entire Ulrich family engraved gun than knowing its a President Theodore Roosevelt engraved Winchester. Regardless if a Roosevelt rifle can fetch many hundreds of thousands of dollars. Even if this gun was not engraved for the President, knowing its engraved by Herman, John, John, Conrad, Leslie, George Alden and possibley Rudolph. This researcher would figure that the rifles value exceeds in value of all of Teddys guns combined. Such a leap in the advancement of Ulrich engraving identification research. Collectors will now have an opportunity to buy the Roosevelt 1892!

John Ulrich, 47 Horse.jpg

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