President Theodore Roosevelts Rediscovered Winchester Model 1892 thats a 44-40 Caliber Rifle Bore: Native American Plains People & Apache Scout’s Engraved Associated Tribute of Roosevelt’s Life. The Presidents Ancient Masonic Engraved Rifle.

TR-Right side view Overall

President Theodore Roosevelt’s lost rifle has been rediscovered from a detailed study of a famous gun engraving family dynasty. The Ulrich family of brothers and son’s who engraved some of the most important rifles in American history for World leaders, President’s, famed Cowboy’s and Wild West Show Celebrities, Military officers and even European Royalty.

Going from the study of ancient art & engraving to the 18th century is one thing. Presenting 19th-& 20th century engraving history on rifles with hidden makers marks is much easier. Showing the smallest ever documented full name “Ulrich” written out. Captured with the best imagery that shows lettering smaller than the written numbers of dates found on US 10 cent coin and as small as the Mints city minting location letter mark that is half the size of a 10 Cent coins number dates. This is a remarkable discovery and an amazing feat by one of the sons of the Ulrich family named Leslie, who makers mark is found on this location.

Leslie is the famous teenager who engraved Miss Sure Shots famous Winchester rifle, Annie Oakley. Factually his dad helped him with the support of the uncles. Being as young as he was, he did not have the experience of a master engraver. It takes 20-30 years to be an Ulrich Master gun engraver Having to know metals and die sinking. This new paper will be coming out very soon, where it will show dozens of images showing with variations makers marks, punch and touch marks discovered.

The document will also show Annie Oakley’s rifle featuring some Masonic Symbolism. Two of Roosevelts Rifles.  One of the  Roosevelt rifles sets of images were given to me by a historical rifle refinisher and a custom gunmaker. Who remade Roosevelts 1876 Winchester as a replica set. The 1st Cowgirl and rodeo stars Mulhall, Winchester she had made for the President Roosevelt will be featured. This rifles outlined engraved rider on a horse and a bull is made up of makers marks. The actual outline is fused with John Ulrichs makers marks that the image design.  Another rifle is an early yellow boy engraved by the three brothers that presents scroll art of the Ulrich’s Masonic Lodge number 79. The Scroll flares or extends away from the lodge number in a classic Masonic design that represents the Light which is simple and subtle that most all people have missed the significane of the design.

The paper is on its first draft being nearly finished with a few dozen hi-resolution images showing the evidence! The document will be on CD that allows greater manipulation for readers to zoom in and out, allowing you to view the evidence. When any engraver is skilled enough to carve their last name half the size of a tic-tac breath mint. Your dealing with very good artists, considering its the end of the 19th century and these rifles were engraved into the early years of the 20th century.

The document will also feature a Colt Lightning Magazine rifle engraved for Mexico’s General & President Diaz. This rifle resides in the Canada Military Museum. Showing these amazing hidden images on the engraving, we get to see a banknote made by the oldest brother of the family for the Republic of Argentina, 10 Centavos. Cowboy on a horse that looks much like the Diaz rifle in style design and this paper shows the makers marks on both the rifle and the banknote!

008 copy 2

Updates will follow!




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