For Whom The Bell Tolls


Liberty Bell

Growing up as a child, it was taught to know that the iconic symbols of the United States, were the National Coat of Arms(Great Seal), the Stars & Stripes, the  Great Documents and the Liberty Bell.

Over 25 years ago, I had great interest in colonial bells, knowing that my home town had the earliest bell sent to America. Like the Liberty Bell, this one was also cast at Whitechaple bell foundry in England that also was defective that cracked three decades before the Liberty Bell was shipped to Philadelphia and recast twice.

Over the last 1o years I learned that everything about these symbolic relics, where every aspect of their history was rewritten with false history. Not false in representing Liberty and Freedom, but false with their true origin representation.

After all the research on proving that the Great Seal of the United States represented the rebirth of the House of Stuart. After all the research with proving the Stars & Stripes origins represents the symbolism of the Stuart Kings of Scotland. The evidence is indisputable that these iconic symbols represent the struggle of the exiled Royal family and their influence nearly 100 years before the American Revolution. Where the War of Independence was just an extension of the Jacobite struggle in the old and new world.

Like the Great Seal maker, Robert Scot! Who was so secret, having so little information on his identity that took years to solve that he was a Jacobite. Who made the Great Seals that represented the rising “Phoenix” being the Bonnie Prince when he was born. Oran Air Breith a Prionnsa Tearlach (A Song upon the Birth of Prince Charles) is this representation of the early US government seals and who was the true sovereign of the United States.

(BELOW) John Pass & John Stow Cannon:


John Pass & John Stow were famous for recasting the Whitehall bell into the Liberty Bell. Interesting enough, both these men are “Ghosts” with no identity history of their personal lives, no other relics surviving from their brass foundry, other than this historical cannon that came from Gen. Benedict Arnold’s scuttled gun boat from the lake in Vermont. The relic, it was discovered that it was taken from sunken wreck in the early 1900’s and was for sale on Ebay with an asking price of only a few thousand dollar. Thanks to the effort of the “lake Champlain Maritime Museum” a complaint was sent out to the Government. Well, they stepped in an a retired US Air Force General gave the stolen US property to the museum. The Museum knew the cannon was in fact made at the brass foundry of Pass & Stow. My research allowed the Museum to acknowledge that the very rare foundry identification mark. Allowed factual dating of the cannon being made in the 1740’s, but making the little relic the earliest known manufactured cannon on the American continent. (Imagine That!)

Like coins, paper money and seals! Pass & Stow did symbolism needle piercing work on the cannon(rings) and the Liberty Bell(everywhere). Now, we have a cannon that is monetarily the most priceless cannon in North America. Again, so little information exists on Pass & Stow that my research was halted because there is nothing to find on them. Just a fragmented history, with people swearing that John Pass was English born in Malta. Where I did identify a Maltese Cross nearly polished off the top of the cannon. The only thing known about John Stow is the identity of his mother and father.

Many Stows had settled in the American Colonies and West Indies. Still today, I confirmed that the Stow families who run the Stow family DNA project. Still have no clue to the identify of this famous John Stow, who with John Pass cast the Liberty Bell.

Just recently, I jumped back on the Stow genealogy research wagon and knew there had to be a reason for why these two men were ghosts in history! When looking at the names of John Stows parents, son of Charles Stow and Rebecca Porter. They are also ghosts, where nothing can be found on them, except for Johns mothers last name Porter!

Again, I followed the crumb trail to Jacobite history, low and behold that a Captain Stow, once the High Sheriff of Lincolnshire and a George Porter were part of the famous “Jacobite Assassination Plot of 1696”. Several Stows associated, also fled to America and what are the odds that John Stows mother  and father are related? These men were associated in the plot to Kill King William III of England. The odds that John Stows parents are not related directly to these families would be at this point, very slim that they are not! There is no other logical reason for the Stow family to be so secret. Everything Jacobite is about secrets with their objective to restore their exiled Stuart Sovereigns back on the thrown of Scotland, England and Ireland.

Further research will be spent on this project, until the documents are found that proves John Stow of Philadelphia was a Jacobite in America. When I finish my images on the liberty Bell, I will show you the readers the Jacobite symbolism, missed by all the experts who have studied the bell itself! Where there are cypher symbols on the letters of the bell.


Interesting that John Stow’s mothers family coat of arms uses bell!




8 thoughts on “For Whom The Bell Tolls

  1. Have you learned anything more about John Stow of Philadelphia? I’ve been researching the family for some time and am stuck.


  2. interesting!!! Yes because they are the least of the founding fathers to be understood? The symbols of liberty and their place? Malta English occupied marriages and in Philadelphia they made this bell and they are ghosts with public records?


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