Jacobites & The American Flag Evolution



Last year I had the pleasure of presenting my manuscript “The Origins of the Star &Stripes”. The factual origins of how the United States Stars and Stripe originated. Found on the Banabas Webb Horn, vast symbolism that symbolized the House of Stuart symbolism and that the horn also represented an invitation. An inventation asking Bonnie Prince Charlie to be the King of America. The invitation was from Bostonians who were associated with the Son’s of Liberty.

One of the key symbols found on the horn was the flag depicted on the horn, flying at the American cannon Battery. The seven striped flag with its canton holding the British Union symbol of James VII. This symbolism has the added cross of Loraine, symbolizing the Stuart marriage union with Mary of Guise.

Today only a couple of seven striped flags have ever been found in representing the identical flag design with the stripes and star/stars. Vexillologist have always followed that the US flag originated in an association that the US Grand Union flag evolved from the both the British East & West India Companies flag design. Never has there been one shred of evidence that points the origins of first use to a British Lord by name and “NEVER” to where it should rightfully point to the Sovereign! So simple in understanding basics with what these flags were meant to represent!


Pictured above is one of the most wonderful flags with a unique history that represents a Heredity Line of Scottish Chiefs. One Standard, One Chief, from one family! The seven striped flag seen is the personal standard of the Cameron Clan Chief, Lochiel.

In the coming weeks, I will be exploring the history of this flag and the Cameron family history. Clan Cameron is renowned for their leadership in being the family of Standard Bearers for the Jacobite Army. If you read the document on the top of the page, you will see the history of General Monk. During that time, we find Sir Ewen Cameron associated with Monk and the Scottish Crown. The Chief of Clan Cameron was the favorite of the Stuarts, for their loyal support and the large numbers of men they always raised in support of their Kings! Its said that if Clan Cameron never involved themselves in the Up-Risings, the Wars may not have ever occurred in the effort to restore the Stuart Sovereign. Its documented that the 1745 attempt to put the Bonnie Prince on the thrown would never have happened if not for the strong support of Clan Cameron.

Over the next few weeks I will be exploring these facts! Going back to Sir Ewen Cameron, the families coat of arms shield was “FIVE BARS” alternating red & gold! Somewhere between the time of the Restoration and prior to the 1745 Up-Rising. Three more bars were added to the personal standard of the Cameron Clan Chief Lochiel.

Few records exist explaining this history of ANY SHIELD of Arms! Why “three more bars be added to Lochiels standard! Except the standard of the Lochiel did fly on the battlefield of Culloden, along side the Royal Standards! One document said that a Lady of Canada, gave that original flag back to Lochiel in the late 19th or 20th century.

Having sent requests for historical information on this “Standard” to Clan Cameron. Not yet receiving correspondence back from Clan Cameron! My basic theory is that this very important flag, does in fact represent the Cameron Loyalty to James VII and the bars represent my previous theory about the seven stripes on the Webb Horn flag, the Harkens flag and the Curtis flag of Stratford Connecticut. Where the stripes represented James VII, he being the 7th James of Scotland. The associated theory was the representation of the ancient Seven Earls or Mormaers that I believed linked the more ancient history of the Stripes history that went back to the Earldom of Atholl. The Shield displays seven Yellow & Black Bars where the title was passed down from several families Duncan II MacDonachadh 970s – 1010 to Robert Stewart, 1st Earl of Atholl.

What can definitely be said is that the odds are very good that Lochiels flag may very well be “THE ORIGINAL PRECURSOR” of the stripes of the flag of the United States. Being a Scottish historical researcher on symbolism and sovereignty origins with great success in solving many historical enigmas! The odds of the Jacobite history associated with the Cameron’s and Lochiel’s personal standard not being symbolic with James VII directly, would be millions to one that I am wrong! Especially with have vast evidence just on the Webb Horn document and the vast information on this subject I preserved on many documents found all over the World and on Electric Scotland. Where my vast records are being given to Electric Scotland in the future for “FREE EDUCTION READING” in the effort to openly preserve the lost symbolism of America and where “FREEDOM, LIBERTY & SOVEREIGNTY” originates!

Cheers to Clan Cameron for your Rich and Honorable history…….


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