Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania (U.S.) Colonel John Proctor’s 1st Battalion Flag (Don’t Tread Upon Me-Rattlesnake)

Don't Tread On Me!

Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania (U.S.)
Colonel John Proctor’s 1st Battalion Flag Construction 1790-1792


One of the most important finds that proves the artists associated to the US MINT made this historical flag! My past post on this flag, I have addressed that the son of the military officer of Proctors Artillery, Issac Craig and his families where behind the origins of this flag being made. Well, it appears to be very true from what has been discovered in a very rare book that covers the life of Isaac Craig.

Below I have posted the link to the online book that you can read. The book mentions Craig’s arrival in America from Ireland with two brothers named Patterson from the county of Down! One brother was a Professor of Mathematics and Craig was a skilled carpenter where mathematics was crucial to building. Both Criag and Patterson were members of the Philadelphia Philosophical Society as were many of the leading patriots, including the artists Robert Scot and Joseph Wright who made the Proctor Flag.

The Historians of Westmoreland County PA. have had their flags history shrouded in mystery of their wonderfully preserved flag! Which is only one of two “Don’t Tread On Me- Rattlesnake” flag known to survive from the 18th century in US History! Well, now the wonderful people of Westmoreland Country can know where, how and why the Rattlesnake device was adopted! Again, I posted the link to the book on the life of Major Isaac Craig and he is the person behind the origins of the device symbolism being adopted. Craig is one of the “FOUNDING FATHERS OF THE US MAINE CORPS” who was one of the very first Lieutenant;s in Marine Corps History, who served under the found father of the Marines, Capt. Samuel Nicholas. Craig was attached to the first US navy ship “Andria Doria” and served on the 1st US Navy expedition with the assault on the Bahamas.

Historians all know that the very first Rattle Snake flag is associated to the history of this fleet of ships with the “Don’t Tread on Me” slogan! Now for the exciting part of the story. When Craig came to America, he was companied by the Patterson brothers and the older of the two brothers, Craig’s very close friend for life just happen to be Robert Patterson who in 1805 was appointed without solicitation as Director of the US MINT. Linking the flag artists who were the US Mint’s first artist’s to Criag and Patterson early on with their membership association the American Philosophical Society that also connects all the leading minds of the day! (Founding Fathers)…

Sketch of the life and services of Isaac Craig, major in the …

Internet Archive
Internet Archive BookReader – Sketch of the life and services of Isaac Craig, major in the Fourth (usually called Proctor’s) regiment of artillery, during the …

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