The Royal Company of Archers Symbolism “Three Arrow’s” Adopted On US Relics


Wanted to thank Koifi for sending this to me! There are DNA matches of the ancient line of Watt, being Flemings and the Scot lines are Flemings. Look at the ancient Coat Arms of the Watt’s with “Three Arrow’s”. Still i want to look into this important connection.


American Eagle Three Arrows History

The green link above will allow you to access the “Work In Progress Document”!

The adoption of the “Three Arrows” symbolism to United States Relics, originates from the association of Robert Scot using the symbolism to represent a Symbolism of Jacobite Loyalty. Where he used the Symbolism of the Royal Company of Archers, the body guards of the Scottish King that dates back to the Battle of Flodden when King James IV, who died in battle, along with his many body guards that day.

Robert Scot the US great seal engraver adopted this symbolism in reference to the Scottish Royal body guards being loyal to the House of Stuart in the 18th century, before during and after the American Revolution. The history connects how these loyal Scottish, who were from high ranking families had to deal with the Hanoverian Crown direct, but were still loyal to the House of Stuart. This is like having a gun pointed at your head, forced to give loyalty to the ruling family on the thrown. While wishing they had their exiled Sovereign back on the thrown.

This history explores why Robert Scot placed the “Three Arrows” symbolism on many relics from 1778-1823 and its meaning that represents Jacobites loyalty and their intention with victories to come through not just physical war, but economic war with the control of the American infrastructure. The information in the document is far from finished and the study will be ongoing to better understand the history more clearly. In the effort to present it more accurately!

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