The Samuel Lewis-Wax Treaty-Great Seal

Original Samuel Lews Wax Treaty SealMasi_treaty_seal_Lewis_impression

Drawing of a version of the U.S. Masi treaty seal, a die of the Great Seal of the United States used only for treaties. This drawing was from a wax seal impressed from a skippet mold made by Samuel Lewis, a Washington D.C. engraver, after the State Department stopped using Masi’s company for that task. Lewis’ version is virtually identical to the original Masi die version, with a slightly different treatment of the top of the eagle’s head being the most visible difference. At least one wax disc from the Lewis mold was used as an actual treaty seal in 1871. Totten was unaware of the separate Masi die; he was under the impression that Lewis’ mold was the original 1825 die, but Lewis only started making skippets for the State Department in 1854.

The image on the left is an authentic Lewis Wax Seal, this is the first time in US history an image of an authentic lewis seal ever been posted on the internet. Not long ago when I was researching this seal, Dana Linett the historian from the History Channel tv series show “Pawn Star’s” told me this is the only one he had seen in 40 years! The “TOP” auction house appraisers do not even know how to put a price on this relic for Insurance purposes.

When I said one of the rarest seals, only one account has a Lewis seal placed on a government treaty and being wax? How delicate of a relic, to not see it damaged.

Note:The seal image is private property and “NOT” allowed to be copied with out the permission of the owner of the seal. Who I would like thank for allowing this image to be posted on my blog.


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