Robert Scot & His Fathers Cipher Art Introduced On George Washington Inaugural Buttons

Design Origins of George Washington Inaugural Buttons Cipher Surface

Washington's_InaugurationGW Long Live President

Robert Scot was trained by his father in clock making before he trained with Robert Strange the royal engraver. Here George Washington button collectors can view for the first time. Where the origins of a cipher type pierced surface originated by the teachings of this art to Robert Scot by his father George Scot.

Also readers will be able to see the earliest known makers marks on Robert Scots, father original grandfather clock. Please click on the green link at the top of the page to view the document on this subject. This is one of the most important finds in the study of Robert Scot and GW Inaugural buttons. More important, we have evidence that father and son , did make the clock you will see in the document.

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