George Washington Inaugural Button Fallacy & Misconceptions

GW Eagle Button Fallacy


Please click on the green button link and read the two page document. The document covers the fallacy of how past GW’s button collectors historians had misinterpreted the identification of buttons that are not even George Washington Inaugural buttons! The same evidence applies to the original US great seals in the same meaning as the birds being a “Phoenix” with these very rare buttons.

The buttons are just that important in allowing Americans to know the truth that the United States was not founded for “WE THE PEOPLE”! Politicians then were no different with misconceptions of the truth as politicians are today! The difference today is that the government can not hide the truth, back then it was all kept under wrap with the educated elite. Many famous documents on the flag design and the great seal are all forged and fake documents, submitted to fool the simple American who was not educated. The truth was kept from the public in the 18th century, regarding this information. The relic symbolism information was and has always been presented by the Scottish artist, so that you could see the truth.


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