Star’s & Stripe’s Origins Rediscovered As the Bonnie Prince Charlie’s Flag-The Webb Horn

Webb Horn-Flag Origins

You can read the 21 page document on the true history of the United States, 13 Star’s & Stripe’s origins. The famous Boston powder horn of Barnabas Webb the silversmith, left us the most important evidence of the true history he carved on his personal gun powder horn.

Historians have been trying to figure out this horn and wrote Webb of as a common person who could not read or write. When in-fact the horns symbolism is beyond what historian could even image. The history carved on the horn is the evidence of the Bostonian’s requesting and inviting the Bonnie Prince Charlie to be the King of America. This document takes you on a time trip back to the involvement of the Scottish families at the famous battle of Teba in Spain with Sir Good James Douglas and the Sinclair’s, connecting the pilgrim trail to St. James. Learn how the Star of the Royal Orders of Thistle and the Order of the Garter’s symbolism Star was transformed into the star and stripes(not Stars) years before the United States flag committee finialized the US 13 Star’s and Stripe’s!

The history of the United States Flag and the United States great seal of America, both originated from the Sovereign symbolism of the Bonnie Prince Charlie. These were designs attributed to him and the Jacobite cause to restore the Stuarts to the thrown in America.

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