The Shaw Cupbearers, 13 Stars & Stripes and the Ross Connections

The Lady Patriot-Shaw-6

This document is very significant, the only lady ever proven to make an identified period 13 Stars and Stripes is Lucretia Shaw. She sacrificed the safety of her life to help the wounded and sick American prisoners, exchanged in New London. She caught a fever from helping these men and died days later. She was never able to finish her flag that she made for her husband, Capt. Nathaniel Shaw the Privateer ship owner and US Navy Agent based out of New London, Connecticut AKA The Serpents Den!

The Shaw’s were very mysterious, we had three sets of Shaw’s in America! Zero history family identity history origins have ever been presented on them! Especially the Shaw of New London and Shaw of Maryland. Shaw of Maryland is associated to another famous Shaw flag, presented to George Washington when he gave up his military commission as general of the American Army!

What can truly be said is that the Shaw’s are documented as the Royal Cupbearers to the Scottish Crown, going back to their direct family, the House of Dunkeld. King Duncan is from this family of Crimean the Thane. The Famous Earl Cospatric of Dunbar is King Duncan’s brother! George Washington is from the Wessington lines that are a direct line to Cospatric the Earl of Dunbar.

This document may better help you understand why early American academia made the effort to destroy American flag history and they still are doing it! American academia, the media and the US government will not allow this history to be told or will not be part of allowing the public to know the truth.

Last note to this, you will see a rare image of Betsy Ross that few have ever seen! Did she make the first flag, I can say they I doubt it highly! Except the flag you see me next, the stars & stripes, the St. Clair Flag and the Westmoreland flag. The odds are Ross did work on those flags, she lived a block away from Robert Scot and attended his church. This I want people who cherish Ross to know this! The Ross House never tells you real advanced history or advance history associated! They have promoted crank flag historians, so they can make money and never allow new evidence be told?

Here I will tell you what is more important than B. Ross and Flags, much more important! not long ago I was searching the history of the ancient Earls of Scotland when I produced the Webb Horn document of the “Star and Stripes Origins Rediscovered” not stars! While researching I found the letters that Col John Ross sent to the UK and the letters received. From the family who purchased his direct lines titles! The letter was disturbing, because Betsy’s husband was never told by his fathers who the heck they were as the line of the Earls of Ross! The returned letter by the brother who held the Ross title, told Col. John Ross that he was a cadet to him and then gave a line of poppy cock to John. The short story is that the “7” stripes of the origins of the flag, would represent the ancient “7” Earldoms and the 7th title with the Stuart King. So, I learned that this is my more significant to the Ross history with the flag because it preserves a simple story, the truth! Like how John Ross was told the truth!


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