The Last known US Great Seals Surviving

Great Seal Grouping

You will be what survives of the United States earliest Government Seals, all other seal! Such as the Board of War Seals, Admiralty Seals, Congress Seal(Figures), the very first US Great Seal, the first Senate Seal and four or five other great seals of the Presidents are all missing, stolen or in a private collection!

The seal in the black & White image has long been stolen from the US State Department and the Great Seal in the orange image is located at the National Archives. The National Archives does not make this seal known on the internet and the big seal image on the bottom right is what the National Archives claimed to be the original Great Seal and I have proven it is not! Note it is a double sided seal and is supposed to have the Pyramid seal. The Archives says that no image is on the back and I would “NEVER” take their word until I see the back.

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