Connecticut 1784-1st State Seal by the Philadelphia Engraver(Du Simitiere and Scot)

CT Seal

CT-1784-Seal Impression-Enhanced Image

This is the first time the Connecticut 1784, 1st state seal has ever been seen by the public. The seal was given to Yale because the state government in the 1840’s thought it was good to preserve it. This was done so that when the other party was elected into power, they had to wait months before they could legally pass a bill or law.

This seal is mainly made by Pierre Du Simitiere, Robert Scot, along with their students. Pierre died the year this seal was completed, from a cut on his finger that got infected. Only Connecticut, New Jersey, South Carolina and New Hampshires 1st state seals that are period to the American Revolution survive today. All other 13 States first seals, some made two period to the Revolution are all lost stolen or missing. Yale was wonderful allowing me to study the seal in hand!

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