The Scottish Meaning of the Laurel & Berries Found on the US National Coat of Arms

US Great Seal-Bonnie

US Great Seal-Bonnie (The link to the left is now posted on

Great Seal Grouping

Click on the green document links to see the Laurel Branch on the Bonnie Prince Charlie’s engraving by Sir Robert Strange and also the Laurels branches on the surviving great seals.

You can look at the great seal grouping to see the other laurel branches by Scot. All are identical in design and the laurel is a symbol of the Jacobean cause. Below is the George Washington great seal made by Scot, called the Dorset seal, the laurel branch image is a great example to compare to the Bonnies branch seen in the attachment link provided in green above.

dorsett seal

In ancient times, Laurel leaves were thought to be remedies against poison, as well as tokens of peace and quiet. Laurels were also symbol of victory in heraldry, first given to the winners in the early Olympic Games and later born by the conquerors such as Julius Caesar. They are symbolic of triumph and fame, especially when it is gained after a long, inner struggle.Sprigs of laurel and laurel branches are also common heraldic symbols. As a symbol of divine protection the laurel branch survived into Christian times. The thunder smitten tree putting forth a new branch signifying that nothing can destroy the Stuart cause.

American academics have misinterpreted  the true understanding of the United States great seal symbolism that involves the work of Robert Scot. There are two versions to the symbolism history of the laurel branch with berry’s on the US great seals. There is the plebeian or commoner version still being preached today that the great seal birds head is looking toward the olive branch for peace and not the arrows which is the claim to signify war.  Just months ago I wrote about the true meaning of the “Phoenix” that represents the rebirth of the House of Stuart and the exile Jacobean families.The true meaning from the Scottish known symbolism is that the laurel branch with berry’s symbolizes a coming of a “triumph”. Historians in the United States really missed the symbolism that is so well documented with Scottish history with the exiled Stuart’s. The defeat of the British with the United States was orchestrated by Scottish Lords overseas. Pulling the strings of the American founding fathers during the course of the American Revolution and after.

When you look at the Robert Strange engraving of the Bonnie Prince in the attachment. You will see the head of the Gorgon on the shield, representing the symbolic return of an exiled Perseus to his right!  In this case with the Robert Strange engraving it represents the return of the Prince to his right to the thrown. The Medusa also represents the Order of St. John, the symbolic beheading of St. John. In the 18th century, the Order of St. Johns Lodge property was rented out to the order by the eminent engraver Richard Cooper. Cooper as I mentioned in the past writings was Robert Strange the engravers teacher and Cooper was the executor of George Scot of Pitlochies written will.  This George Scot is the grandfather of the US Seal maker Robert Scot, who made all the US government seals. The helmet you see with a design as being a bird, this would symbolize a phoenix, the rebirth of the House of Stuart to the thrown’s of Scotland, England and Ireland. The Laurel is pretty much the identical design we see on many dozens of works by Scot. Seen on all the great seals made by him and the great seal birds holding the laurel branch seen on the George Washington Indian Peace medals of 1792.

There are still questions that need to be understood! Why didn’t Scot change the Laurel design when the United States won it’s independence from the Hanoverians? My research has proven that there were several great seals made after 1784, after the Americans won the independence. This can be understood a little better with understanding the truth of the American Revolution and how America really won its independence. Every American has been taught that George Washington was the superhero who defeated the British with his armies. Historian’s know that General Washington’s armies lost more battles than he won. Historians also know the United States Navy, lost majority of all the major sea battle engagements. Today, the American Privateer is still not being recognized for their roll in the ruling of the high seas, capturing over 2000 ships. This is what was causing the British to go broke that really is the true reason for why Americans won their independence.

The other or additional meaning of the laurel branch history with the Phoenix looking at the Laurel. Could very well represent the Scottish beating the Hanoverian’s through their control of the United States, economic infrastructure. This would explain why the laurel branch was never changed on the other great seals after the American Revolution. Representing a victory to come with making money and this is true because the Scottish controlled the foundation of the United States, banking system.

My question is why didn’t Americans ever think the laurel branch is an olive branch? If there was ever any hybrid history meaning to this, then the laurel branch not being changed would symbolize that the Scottish were at war with England with making money. Money is power and this explains why Robert Scot was behind the control of making money at the US Mint and making international bank notes on a very large scale with his private company.

SPECIAL NOTE:  Top auction houses, relic dealer’s have bought into this false history with selling many thousands of related relics with misrepresented information with great seal birds with the laurel from 1778-1840’s.  So just think about it, many relics with the great seal have sold over a 100 plus years with the true history misrepresented, regarding the olive branch having nothing to do with the Peace. Think about it? Millions of dollars over a hundred years being sold associated to the Great Seal and the whole time the Scottish symbolism is origin to the Bonnie Prince Charlie and Triumph to come. Far worse is that every single historian and American thinks their national coat of arms represents the olive branch. Well, the Bonnie Prince is rolling over in his grave having the last laugh.  Why would he be the Bonnie be laughing? Robert Scot never misrepresented the true meaning, US academics and the US government are to blame for not interpreting the true meaning.

Charles Edward Stuarts Birth Song

Gaelic poet John Mac Lachian wrote a song upon the birth of Prince Charle’s with with elements of divine providence and pagan fertility. The first line of the poem read’s “A Phoenix is Born o’er in Rome”.

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